Sunday, October 28, 2012

Monty's Crush of the Week

Wednesday Addams
(The Addams Family on stage, screen, television, and comics)

A huge crush of mine, and one very appropriate for this Halloween week. Yes, I've posted Christina Ricci before, but this is about the fictional character whom she basically is considered the greatest representation of to date. Here we see Wednesday from the 90's animated series, the 70's animated series, the original comic, a shot of the original television Wednesday circa a 70's reunion Halloween special, a shot of the Broadway version, and, of course, lots of Christina Ricci shots. A couple more notes: I know, there was a 90's TV show spun off of the direct-to-video, Saban-made cheapquel to the Ricci films, "Addams Family Reunion". Both shared a Wednesday I have not included in my little collage. Honestly, I just didn't like that Wednesday. I DID include the Broadway version, even though I don't like some things I've heard about this interpretation. I haven't seen the Broadway show yet though, and at least she's cute but should still have the braids. A couple of others I didn't include are an animated version based on Ricci that was done for a Honey Nut Cheerios cereal commercial (couldn't find an image), and one Wednesday I have always thought was cute but who is actually just a model for the Halloween costume, ha. Anyway, I think I've gotten all the other versions in here. So, there you have it. My Halloween crush, Wednesday Addams. Dress up like her for Halloween and I'm putty in your hands!

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