Monday, October 1, 2012

Motel Management Recommends... (Previous Recommendations)

Now that we've got this slick new site up, it's all a matter of catching up before we get to the new stuff. I just posted the backlog of "Monty's Crush of the Week", so here's the backlog of Monty's recommendations, with more to come...

Eerie, Indiana - The Complete Series

Yes, I admit it, I am a huge "Eerie, Indiana" fan. And, honestly, this is one of the best DVD sets I ever bought. Not in terms of presentation quality or anything, it's simply that this is such a great show. And, if you're a huge fan of the film Hocus Pocus, that makes it all the better. Think of it as a prequel series to that film, ha. Basically, you've got the same kid (literally) running all over his new neighborhood with his sidekick, dealing with supernaturally weird events. Something different each week. Sorta like a Kolchak, Jr. This fantastic show had big name directors, smart humor, and a grat cast, including The Addams Family's John Astin in the later episodes, plus a lot of great guest stars like Matt Frewer, Danielle Harris, and Toby Maguire. So sad this was canceled after only one season! Seems like many of the best shows are. Great for watching around Halloween! And I also had a big crush on Julie Condra, who played lead character Marshall's big sister, Syndi. One more note though. Five or six years later, Eerie got a revival on FOX with "Eerie, Indiana: The Other Dimension". I haven't seen that spinoff show yet (though I hear both are on Netflix), and I haven't heard very good things about it, but I do approve of the big sister on that show too, another crush of mine, Lindy Booth.


Kolchak - The Night Stalker

Forget the revival show from a few years back. And, heck, you can probably forget the currently being planned Johnny Depp feature (but I'm sure I won't, I'll geek out about it and get disappointed, just like with Dark Shadows, which at least had a great revival series). The only true Kolchak the Night Stalker is "A Christmas Story" dad Darren McGavin in the original 1970's TV series. This is the show that inspired the X-Files and countless other stuff. It's a show about a reporter who is constantly getting mixed up in cases of the supernatural. Nobody believes him, and his boss won't print his stories, but he still takes it upon himself to fight the evil forces of the night all by himself. It's got a 70's cheese factor when it comes to the monsters, but it's also got its creepiness too, and overall it's grade-A awesome! Mainly because of that awesome Darren McGavin personality that basically WAS this show! One of my all-time favorite TV shows! Check it out as you warm up for the Halloween season. An episode a night will do you right! And don't forget the two original TV movies that started it all, The Night Stalker and The Night Strangler!

The Night Stalker/The Night Strangler (Double Feature)



The Witches (Keep Case Packaging)

Hey folks! Back again with our second ever installment of Management Recommendations! We've been kicking things off in this new feature with Halloween preparations in mind, so with that, here is another of my very faves, the Jim Henson fueled masterpiece (to me, anyway), "The Witches"! The poster is a bit deceiving, as this takes place in the real, modern (at the time) world, and it looks it, mostly in a fancy, seaside, British hotel. It's about a boy who discovers an evil witches convention is being held in the hotel, and when he gets caught listening in on one of their meetings plotting to turn all the children of the world into mice, they end up turning him into one. He ends up having to try and stop them in the form of a mouse, with the help of his grandmother and another kid-turned-mouse, Bruno. Luckily, his grandmother is experienced, having gone up against witches many, many years earlier. It's a great film for the Halloween season (or any time you're in the mood), and it's one of those I find is great to watch in the daytime too, which is a nice option to have for Fall days while you're baking or doing other preparations. So, there ya have it. Definitely check this one out! It's an 80's fantasy classic!


Fright Night

When teenager Charlie Brewster discovers a vampire has moved in next door and is murdering local girls, he gets caught peeping and is forced to turn vampire hunter before he is the bloodsucker's next victim. Charlie enlists the help of movie vampire killer Peter Vincent, but Peter and Charlie's friends may just be putting him in more danger with their lack of faith in the situation.

The Halloween season is upon us, one of my very favorite times of the year, and so, I'm kicking off the Management Recommendations with my favorite vampire movie of all time, the original "Fright Night"! Haven't seen it? Well, it's basically "Rear Window" with vampires and an 80's teen vibe, and it's freakin' awesome! So, check this one out this month while you're in the mood for something spooky and CGI free! This is the good stuff, folks! And, don't forget to check out the sequel! Yeah, there are some things you can quibble about as far as continuity goes, but it's an awesome movie too, and Charlie's new girlfriend is too cute!

Fright Night Part II


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