Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Motel Management Recommends...

Monty's Top 10 Halloween Candies!

Well, I was kickin' back, rewatching The Walking Dead and Videodrome and munching on some selections from my bowl of Halloween treats last night, when I realized I should really do an article about this. I mean, it's important! So, here it is! My top ten favorite Halloween candies, both from the ol' trick 'r treat bags of my childhood and today's, "This is the candy bowl for us, the one for the trick or treaters is over there." Yeah, the one for the trick or treaters has tootsie roll midgees or orange and black paper Mary Jane's, depending on what I get the best deal on. Hey, when I'm rich, they'll get the good candy too.

Okay, so, let's get started, and this is going to be a countdown. Don't get offended either, these are MY personal favorites. However, you are more than welcome to share your own in the comments section. In fact, I'd love to discuss them with you! Also, keep in mind that I hate putting favorites in a particular order. Possibly, some of these would float back and forth when it comes to order, but generally, this is a solid list. This is mostly about recent years too. I mean, I don't get the variety I would if I was still going trick or treating. If my memory was better, there'd probably be a few honorable mentions, like Jolly Ranchers, which are also great.

10. Oldschool, cheapo, orange Jack O'Lantern lollipops with white faces

First up, this one is sort of a tribute, folks. In fact, it's such a tribute that I had to create this piece of artwork above from scratch! These were a favorite of mine in my trick or treating days, and they may still be around today, but for the life of me, I couldn't find a single image of any online, so I had to do this piece of art very quickly, entirely in Photoshop and entirely based on memory. Looking at them now, I think maybe the white, printed on faces of the Jack O'Lanterns were maybe a bit more oval like, maybe not, but I think they probably DID have Jack O'Lantern teeth. I kept trying to remember if they did or didn't, and decided they didn't, but I'm having definite second thoughts now. Anyway, these were cheap, buy a bunch at once at a place like Wallgreen's kinda lollipops, and I think they were connected by their plastic coverings when you bought them, like a string cheese or a string of sausages. They were orange and translucent, and the faces on them were printed on the candy in white. They tasted like typical translucent, orange, hard candies, but I really loved these. 

9. Black Forest Gummy Vampires and Werewolves

This is a new discovery for me. I don't get gummies too often. Honestly, I'm a chocolate guy. However, I don't hate 'em, and when they're this cool, you gotta love 'em! I found these at Target in a bag that contains both types. Love the werewolf shapes, naturally, but the vampire ones are particularly good because they have that juicy "ooze" inside. It's not overwhelming or anything, it's nothing like that awesome Tidal Wave gum (remember that?), it's just a slightly noticeable bit of juice you get when you bite into them, but it's still cool! If someone you love requests gummies in the candy bowl, which is why I bought them, these are highly recommended.

8. Brach's Autumn Mix Candy Corn

Again, I don't usually get these, but I'm glad I did this year! I always forget how good they are! Actually, I was introduced to the pumpkin ones sometime last year, I think, and they're extra good! Someone finally pinpointed for me what the flavor of candy corn is similar to recently. Vanilla frosting! Well, not always vanilla. For example, the brown ones have a chocolaty taste. Anyway, I recommend the Brach's Autumn Mix so you get all three of these kinds. Great stuff and very festive and traditional! Better to put these in a serving dish of some kind though, as the individual serving bags for trick or treaters are plain, clear plastic and not that attractive looking. Oh, by the way, have you seen the special Disney Villain gourmet candy corn packages around? I'm really curious to try those. They are more unusual flavors though, and it would be terrible to pay so much for candy corn when you might not like the taste.

7. Butterfinger Fun Size Bars
As I said though, I'm mainly a chocolate guy, so I love the fun size/snack size candy bars on Halloween! Though I love Butterfinger, I don't often get them for Halloween, hence this early position on the list compared to the other chocolate bars, but someone else recently requested them, so I'll have to pick some up. They're delicious, but they do a number on your teeth. More than the other candies, I mean, ha. 

6. Kit Kat Snack Size Bars (almost a tie with Mr. Goodbar)
Kit Kats are a great candy that add some nice variety to the candy bowl; both the candy itself and the red wrapping. I do love to get a nice variety of colors in there. Mr. Goodbar is equally delicious in a different way, but another inclusion I'll mention later adds ENOUGH yellow to the candy bowl, and while I love Goodbar, I don't tend to miss it if I have this other stuff. Kit Kats are more unique (chocolate covered wafers with something interesting and yummy in-between them), and I'm not the only one who enjoys them.

5. Almond Joy Snack Size Bars

Almond Joys are very sweet, but very delicious and very different from most candies with their tropical ingredient, coconut! The almonds balance out the extreme sweetness just enough though. So glad I started including these in the candy bowl last year along with Kit Kats. But they go fast! Everyone loves 'em and I don't think they put too many in these bags, ha.

4. Rice Krispies Treats
These are a huge favorite of mine, and yet I forgot to get them this year. I don't know if they truly could be called "candy" though. What are they? Cookies? I don't know. For the purposes of this list, we'll call them candy. I THINK they sell them in a sort of "fun size" for trick or treaters, too. I've really gotta pick some up! Along with gummies, they break up all the chocolate in my candy bowl, ha.

3. M&M's Fun Size Bags
M&M's are an old fave we always had around for the candy-centric holidays, and usually it was the peanut kind (we sometimes would get almond ones at Christmas and Easter). There's not much you can say about these classics. They're colorful, delicious, they melt in your mouth but not in your hand, all that good stuff. I'm also a big fan of Reese's Pieces, but on Halloween we go a bit more traditional with the peanut butter candy. More on that later.

2. Snickers Fun Size Bars
I'll admit, when I eat Snickers, my teeth literally hurt, but darn they're good! These guys have it all! Chocolate, caramel, peanuts, and, well, what IS nougat anyway? Pretty sure that's what has always made my teeth hurt. Not a huge fan of nougat, Three Musketeers and Milky Way are definitely desperation candies in my book, but with Snickers it manages to work. Definitely the candy that eats like a meal. Not that you don't want more than one, but certainly the "meatiest" of the candy bars I'm aware of, and totally delicious! 

1. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

And now, the number one, MUST-HAVE Halloween candy, Reese's Peanut Butter cups! Don't bother with ones shaped like pumpkins or whatever, save specialty versions for Christmas and Easter. The traditional ones are perfect for Halloween in the classic orange, brown, and yellow wrappers! The bagged ones are a little smaller than when you buy them in the individual packages, but they sure look great in the candy bowl! Wish they still sold the "crunchy" variety too though (I think you can still find them on rare occasions), but these are the must-have version anyway. Gotta love that commercial with the vampire voice, "I like to eat the peanut butter first!" -shot of a hollowed out Reese's with two holes in the chocolate- Only problem with Reese's is that they are a thousand times better out of the refrigerator, but you can't keep your candy bowl in the fridge, it's an essential part of the decor! Happy Halloween!


  1. This is a fun list! My favorites were slightly different though. Of course candy bars were always the best (esp the ones you list here), but I wouldn't mind trading a fun size 3 Musketeers or Milky Way for a mini box of nerds. I loved those dang things and tried to get them from my younger siblings through any trade possible! I also liked the little packs with 3 SweetTarts. Another big time favorite were Blow Pops! Smarties and Bottle Caps were ok too, but more of a 2nd rate candy. Never cared for Tootsie Rolls, so those would be the last thing left, as well at those black & orange Peanuts Butter Kisses. lol

    1. Oh, you mention some good ones! Yeah, this list is more about my tastes today rather than what I liked best from my trick or treat bag, though I threw in the mention of Jolly Ranchers and my coveted orange lollipops. I mainly did it that way because my memory is not the best in the world. Can't believe I totally forgot how much I loved those 3 piece Sweet Tarts from out of my Trick or Treat bag (but I hated the Smarties). I also liked the nerds, but I was never as in love with them as other kids. I am not a big Blow Pop fan either, but loved grape Tootsie Pops, and other flavors were good too, and I loved bubble yum (again, mainly grape). I think the Peanut Butter Kisses you're talking about are what I referred to as Mary Janes, though they are not traditional Mary Janes. They're big and round, and in black and orange wrap, and like Tootsie Rolls (which I did like), they are usually decently priced for Trick or Treat giving, or at least they used to be, ha. But, in truth, my list today is probably mostly accurate for then too. I mean, it's what I would have preferred to find in my bag the most. Always been a chocolate guy more than a fruity or sour/fruity candy kind of guy. Should have given Sweet Tarts a mention though, ha. Hard to remember everything when you're trying to. But, essentially, this is what my current Halloween goody bowl is usually filled with. I might do more posts like this later, if I have time, rather than just focusing on movies and TV shows and stuff.

    2. Funny, I still pretty much get the same stuff today that I like most as a kid, which included a pretty even mix of chocolate and sour/fruity candy. When it comes to chocolate you listed most of my favorites here. Would also add Twix and Baby Ruth as well. Also like gummi bears, worms and Sour Patch Kids. Lemon Heads are yummy too for sour candy. :)

    3. Never had Lemon Heads! Well, I take that back, I MIGHT have. Are they a hard candy with a sort of powdery coating? Never had Sour Patch Kids either. Well, yeah, I basically like the same stuff too, that's what I mean. Now that I buy it myself, I get what I like, ha. I did forget all about the Sweet Tarts, but I generally just am not a big fan of sour/fruity stuff unless there is no chocolate around or just to break up the chocolate, ha. I definitely need to go out and get some Rice Krispy Treats now though. I had forgotten! I really love those! Twix are okay, I think I might like the Peanut Butter Twix better (do they still make those?), but Baby Ruth I do really like, especially in a hotel room after swimming. I can be oddly specific like that, ha, but yeah, after coming up from the pool, give me a Baby Ruth and a hotel room glass of ice and Coke, ha.

    4. Lemonheads are these round, yellow candies that have like a chewing lemon flavored coating on the outside, but the inside is a little more like a hard candy covered in sour flavoring. I probably like Cherryheads even better! Sour Patch Kids are basically gummi bears covered in the sour powder you are probably thinking of. Love Rice Krispie Treats too, but like them best when I make them at home so I can add lots of marshmallows and eat them while it's still warm and gooey. I think they taste good with mini M&Ms or mini chocolate chips too. :)

    5. Forgot to add a link to a pic of Lemonheads: http://dgc.imageg.net/graphics/product_images/pDGC1-12280730v380.jpg

    6. Hmm, I guess Lemonheads are NOT the candy I remembered trying, vaguely. Oh, funny, but I have never really liked Rice Krispies Treats very much with chocolate or other stuff added. Then again, I vaguely remember trying some peanut butter, or peanut butter/chocolate ones that were good, so maybe. But, I think I always preferred the regular ones. Sooo good with milk. I haven't made them from scratch in forever though. I don't know which I would prefer, ha. Kinda forgot if I prefer them warm or not.