Monday, November 26, 2012

Monty's Crush of the Week

Sarah Bolger
(A Love Divided, A Secret Affair, The World of Tosh, In America, Tara Road, Stardust, Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker, The Spiderwick Chronicles, Iron Cross, The Tudors, Locke and Key,
The Moth Diaries, Once Upon a Time)

I don't know a lot about Sarah Bolger. I think she's from Ireland. I still need to see the Spiderwick Chronicles. Love those epic kids' book series film franchises, even if they're all the same really, but most of them never get more than an introductory movie, which kinda makes it suck to like them and doesn't improve the overall impression they make. Anyway, Sarah was recently brought onto my favorite show, "Once Upon a Time", as Princess Aurora, even if she looks nothing like the Disney universe version the series borrows heavily from, she's probably the cutest actress on the show though, which is a darn good compliment. She really was getting to me in last night's episode in particular. Now, I call it my favorite show, even though it's very close in competition with Walking Dead. Love American Horror Story and Being Human too though (in case you haven't been paying attention around here), and I so need to catch up with True Blood, Clone Wars, Supernatural, and whatever DC comics shows are around now, but I digress. Granted, the woman I adore in real-life says Once Upon a Time sounds like a girly show, but, in my defense, I don't think she's seen a single episode yet, ha (if she did though, with my luck it'd be one of the girly episodes from season one, heavy on Mary Margaret/David drama, which really did drag that season down a bit at times). I, personally, think this season has been a lot better over all, but that's not to say the first season wasn't 90 percent awesome at the very least! Though, I admit that the biggest reason I am hooked is that I'm a Disney nut. I'm a fairytale not too, that's true, but who knows if I'd be so into fairytales without the Disney influence. Probably though. I had a book of them as a kid that I really adored being read to from. Anyway, check the show out sometime for Sarah Bolger if no other reason. I think her character is just getting started with some good development, and she's very easy on the eyes too.

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