Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Wish List Time!

Actually, I suppose I should have done this right after Thanksgiving, but I only recently decided on it. I thought I would post what I would love to get for Christmas (that I know I'm NOT getting, as opposed to some very cool things I know I AM getting, like the Dark Knight Rises Blu-ray, among other things), and if any of you want to, feel free to post what you would love to get for Christmas in the comments. And, I don't want to hear any of that world peace stuff. I'm talking toys and Blu-rays, and great junk like that! Also, if you know me, don't feel I am asking you to get me any of this stuff. I know anyone who is getting me anything has already done so. I'm largely making this list so I can remember some of the cool stuff I saw this year that I want, that's all. You know, so I can remember to purchase it myself later on. Maybe this will remind you readers of some cool things you wanted too. Enjoy! And no, this isn't a countdown or anything. Pretty random...

Now, even though this is in no particular order, I will say that one of the things I want most lately is this new Blu-ray set of all 4 Indiana Jones movies. Basically, I'm a huge fan of 3 things: Disney, Star Wars, and Indiana Jones. After that, it's the Muppets and a variety of other things, but those are my top 3.

This item below I just saw the other day, and I was awe struck! Okay, I admit it, I LOVE the Ewoks! I loved their TV movies and animated series! I have occasionally, in recent years, considered parting with my Star Wars action figure and vehicles/playsets collection, but I know that even if I ever do such a crazy thing, I will never part with my Ewok village and the appropriate figures to recreate the celebration scene (I still need that accessories set that includes the stormtrooper helmet drums)! So, yesterday, I go into Toys R Us to check on something else, and I see THIS! Not only do I need more Ewoks for my display always, but check this out! That's a Princess Kneesa figure! A realistic Princess Kneesa figure! She was only ever seen in the animated series! The only other time I've seen her realistically portrayed, as best I can remember, is as a plush toy in the 80's (which I might still have back at my parents' house). Yep, I gotta get this sweet Ewok 5-pack! But it's a Toys R Us exclusive and runs around 40 bucks! 40 bucks! I mean, jeez, that seems like a lot to pay for Star Wars figures! They are insanely priced these days. Actually, 5 is probably decent for 40 bucks by today's standards, but I have a hard time accepting today's standard Star Wars prices. Still, I gotta have this! And I also gotta get that Star Tours multi-pack from Disney World a few years ago that included that fast moving critter from Battle for Endor! Speaking of, I gotta put those movies on. Always watch them around the holidays!

Okay, so I'm a big Disney fan, and I have a huge crush on TinkerBell. Yeah, I watch these movies that are basically made for little girls. So what? Wanna fight about it? TinkerBell is totally hot! Just as hot in CGI as in 2D! And, the legs on these CGI fairies, god... Of course, I think they initially use the same body for all of them... Anyway, the movies are cute and probably better than most of you might assume, and Secret of the Wings is the latest. Unfortunately, Disney only released it in DVD packaging, even the Blu-Ray version. They are trying to get people to buy the 3D release, which I don't need. I'm not going for the whole 3D thing. However, I don't want the plain, standard packaging. So, I really need to snag this Target exclusive Secret of the Wings Blu-Ray with storybook packaging. Though, by now, I'll have to turn to Ebay to get it.

For those of us who can't afford the large, amazingly realistic "Hot Toys" brand of action figures, these 6-inch Dark Knight Movie Masters figures have been pretty sweet! Especially the Dark Knight Rises collection, which has included parts to put together a working, in-scale Bat-signal. Always wanted one of those! In fact, I've gotten all the figures but one, Movie Masters Ra's Al-Ghul with Bat-Signal battery compartment piece. These figures are sweet, the Batsignal looks amazing even without being lit-up, and I'm dying to see it working! However, Ra's here seems to be the hardest of all the figures to locate. On a semi-related note, Hasbro needs to get the lead out and make a 6-inch Wal-Mart exclusive Black Widow figure from the Avengers movie. It's absurd that they made all the others except her!

Though I never had the time to finish the first one (I will soon!), I am very psyched to get Epic Mickey 2 for Wii or PS3, as I believe it is available for both this time. If you're a huge Disney fan, like a seriously huge one, the first game is a real treat and this one I hear is even better! Also on my extended wish list, a PS2 and all the Kingdom Hearts games! Always wanted to play those! Someday, I've got to!

You may or may not know that I'm an avid collector of Hallmark Keepsake Christmas Ornaments (in anticipation of finally having my own Christmas tree one of these days). I have a ton of them, mostly movie, cartoon, and television themed. As usual, there are a ton of great ones this year! I have already landed most of the ones I wanted the most, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, Merida from Brave, Jiminy Cricket and the time machine Delorian from Back to the Future. I also happen to know someone is gifting me Jack Frost from "Rise of the Guardians". I'm determined to get E.T. and the Woody's Round-Up guitar (I have the real Woody's Round-Up guitar, so the ornament would be sweet!) before they're all gone this year, but here are many good ones I'd still like to get, and there are several other's I'd love to get too. The Darth Vader below must be the hardest one to find though, and there's a sweet Mickey and Minnie at a piano that is also pretty scarce. And, like the always great Wizard of Oz ones, those Peanuts ones tend to be out of my price range and completely sold out after Christmas is over and the ornaments are reduced.

I'm also gonna include one Disney Store ornament to this list. Disney Store ornaments are always gorgeous, but they are also always waaaay too heavy, and they also have a tendency to break, from what I've seen in the store. I've gotten a few anyway though, randomly, and this year there is one I really want (though they sold out a while ago and I will have to take a chance on Ebay sometime in the hopes of getting one with an okay paint job and Drink Me tag), and that's the Alice in Wonderland "Drink Me" ornament. This is such a perfect concept for an Alice ornament, and I really wanna get it sometime! 

                                Disney's Alice in Wonderland Sketchbook Ornament

Back to video games now... I admit, I only play occasionally. I love to, but I'm a buyer, not a renter, and yet games can be pretty expensive. Still, here's another sequel game I have to get because I LOVED the first. It's Batman: Arkham City for the PS3, and if it's anything like Arkham Asylum, it must be crazy fun! I'm also after this game I've heard about called Lollipop Chainsaw, plus I could definitely use some new zombie stuff.

I'm definitely cutting back on toys these days, but until there are some good Walt Disney Classics Collection statues of Wreck It Ralph out there, I gotta get SOMETHING from this fun little movie! Taking a look at what's out there, I think my favorite combo would be to get the standard Vanellope figure (which is like 4 or 5 inches and found at Toys R Us and sometimes Wal-Mart and other places in typical, action figure-type packaging themed off her own game, Sugar Rush), and the Disney Store talking Ralph, which seems to be a little higher quality than the regular retail Ralph (found at the same places I mentioned a minute ago). This Disney Store one has real clothing and just a better look over all. Though, like the cheaper versions, it seems the paint on his face (providing the blush of his cheeks, nose, etc...) is easily scratched, so finding a good one may be tough. Plus, Ralph here is pretty big and not too cheap, so that kinda sucks too.

[Note from Management: According to the reviews, the Wreck It Ralph toylines, both the Disney Store ones and the regular retailer ones, tend to fall apart right way. Ralph's arms fall off, Vanellope's head, etc... In other words, just poorly made toys. Very sad. I still might get these since I would just have them for display, but be forewarned.]

Now, more movies. And, seriously, I could go on and on listing movies I want. Here's one that came out a few months ago that I've been wanting badly though. Typically, it hasn't been on sale since it came out, while other, even more recent films have had some great sales over and over again. And, to answer your question, yes, I've seen this movie, and as a fan of the original Stooges, I found this movie to be pretty incredible and very awesome! I'll be the first one to say they blew it with the Little Rascals movie, but this Three Stooges Movie was nearly perfect! Also up there on my list, Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter and Dark Shadows the Complete Original Series.
Now, I'll get self-indulgent and forget about trying to showcase stuff that's new this year just long enough to say I am always up for any Walt Disney Classics Collection sculptures. Here's one I've GOT to get someday. Equally desirable are certain Electric Tiki sculptures.

And, finally, did you know Disney went nuts releasing titles to Blu-ray this year? Seriously, there are a ton of all new Disney Blu-Ray releases from 2012, and it seems they will keep coming in 2013! And, I want them all! These I've shown below are just SOME of them! Not even picking favorites, just grabbed a handful of images! And all I managed to get this year were Brave, Cinderella, Lady and the Tramp, Sorcerer's Apprentice, Prince of Persia, and a couple of Disney-Ghibli releases.

So, that's about it for now. I mean, if I were going to ask Santa for anything at the last minute, that would probably be my list, knowing most of what others are giving to me in advance, as I often do. I'm sure I could have added a lot more, but let's not be greedy, ha. Oh, and I also wouldn't mind getting this guy below, though the one I had my eye on at Toys R Us has recently disappeared. He's not exactly a new release, but he's the only major piece missing from my Toy Story Collection edition toy replica set, Lots-o'-Huggin Bear. I really wanna get one in a pristine box, too, because I'm not sure if I'd take him out of it. It's so well designed! I also could use a utility belt version TSC Buzz Lightyear, and that one I definitely would keep in the box (since I've got a regular Buzz already). Toy Story Hawaiian Dream Vacation Barbie and Ken would be nice too.


[*phew* Not going to include a link for everything. There are more Hallmark ornaments and new Disney Blu-Ray releases on, plus other stuff mentioned here. Again, not gonna recommend the Wreck It Ralph toys, because according to the reviews they fall apart right away! What a shame! I still MIGHT get them since I would just dispaly them.]

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