Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Monty's Crush of the Week

Lindsay Lohan
(Another World, The Parent Trap, Life-Size, Get a Clue,
Freaky Friday, Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, Mean Girls,
Herbie: Fully Loaded, A Prairie Home Companion, Just My Luck, Bobby,
Chapter 27, Georgia Rule, I Know Who Killed Me, Ugly Betty, Labor Pains,
Machete, Liz & Dick, Inappropriate Comedy, The Canyons, Scary Movie 5,
and a recording artist too)

Okay, time for everyone to take a break from being mean girls to poor Lindsay long enough to remember a time when she was, well, LOOK UP THERE! Wow. For a while there, she was really doing well, everybody liked her, her career was booming, and she looked amazing! Those days are gone (though you never know what will happen career-wise), but after a time as a Disney starlet in a way following more traditional Disney starlets of the past (in other words, multiple, big screen roles, not just another hit Disney Channel series followed by a quick escape from the Mouse House), and the vision of amazingness she was in the film "Mean Girls", she definitely earned a place on my never-ending list of celebrity crushes. Not that I ever obsessed over this one (Russell sure did though), but I did drool over her more than once. Plus, she got to be one of Herbie's legendary drivers! There's something I'm actually jealous about (Someday, I WILL own a Herbie replica to cruise around town in!)! I was never a fan of her smokey voice (that's not so much my thing), but putting that aside, I totally could see her playing Kim Possible in a live-action movie round-about the time of her major Disney work. What a missed opportunity on their part! Just like when they blew Muppet Wizard of Oz by not shelling out the dough for Hilary Duff! Oh well. You gotta put your behind in the past. Here's hoping there is a bright future for Lindsay somewhere down the line. In the meantime, we watch our Mean Girls and Herbie Fully Loaded DVDs with great fondness for the uncorrupted Lindsay of the first half of the 2000's.

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