Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Monty's Crush of the Week

Yeah, yeah, I know, I've been bad. It's been a while since we've posted anything. Consider it a holiday break. Normally, I'd be posting a lot during the holidays, I'm a bit of a holiday nut, but that means I can also get really busy too. More importantly though, still trying to get secured in the new job and still trying to catch up with a lot of art commissions (I need to post some of those here on the site eventually, too). I hope to be caught up by the end of the month though, and to get back to doing comics here! And, we'll cross our fingers that next Christmas will be full of comics, crushes, and articles on which version of A Christmas Carol is the best and who was the hottest Marilyn Munster (actually, I hope to get to that one fairly soon). In the meantime, we'll get back to semi-normal with a better-late-than-never, Wednesday edition Crush of the Week, and I'll just mention that I did see a couple of movies recently I, sadly, didn't have time to write articles about: Les Miserables and Django. I recommend them both highly. Still haven't made it out to The Hobbit though! And, what'd I get for Christmas? Good stuff, that's what! Big books on Hanna-Barbera and Sesame Street, a nice bunch of Hallmark ornaments, The Dark Knight Rises and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter on Blu, a set of Star Wars pint glasses, and I treated myself to a sweet, new talking Zurg from The Disney Store! Very nice, full size replica of the Zurg in Toy Story 2! Hope everyone had a happy New Year, by the way! Still hoping to see the girl of my dreams very soon since she got back from a visit to her mother's, but we've got two tickets to the Shrine Circus this Sunday! If I don't see her before then, at least I have that to look forward to. Anyway, here's Monty's Crush of the Week...

Emily VanCamp
(Are You Afraid of the Dark: The Tale of the Silver Sight, Lost and Delirious, All Souls, Dice, Redeemer, Glory Days, A Different Loyalty, The Ring Two, Everwood, Black Irish, Brothers and Sisters, Carriers, Ben Hur, Norman, Beyond the Blackboard, Revenge)

Holy God, this girl is gorgeous. I remember the first time I saw her in a trailer for Everwood, probably back when it wasn't even on yet, ha. Never watched the show, not too into WB drama shows, but wow, that was tempting. Now, she's got her own show on ABC, "Revenge", which I'll have to pick up on Blu-Ray someday, but frankly, that bathing suit magazine cover she had on store shelves last month was driving me nuts every time I went to the grocery store for holiday supplies! Wow. Definitely overdue as a Crush of the Week!

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