Saturday, February 2, 2013

Management (kinda-sorta) Recommends...

Okay, if you've read my articles, you know I would recommend several spooky themed animated features over "Hotel Transylvania". Honestly, there was a time when I was an Adam Sandler fan, back in his Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore, Waterboy, Wedding Singer days. Sometime after that, his movies really went downhill for me. And, the biggest prob, I don't think his humor translates as well to animation as he seems to think it does. Nevertheless, I don't utterly hate this film (despite being a bit annoyed that he made a film about monsters in a hotel, while I have, for years, been writing and drawing a comic about monsters in a motel...). Like (nearly) all movies, it has some good qualities. Andy Samberg isn't bad in this, though a pretty standard computer animated film character, and I adored Selena Gomez's character of Dracula's daughter, Mavis. There ARE some funny moments in the film, though it's not an exceptional story by any means. But, the biggest problem is Sandler's annoying Dracula voice, which seems to be yakking every second throughout the film. Oy. Anyway, basically, I would only recommend seeing this if something about it truly catches your interest. If you aren't usually into computer animated films or Sandler, this sure isn't going to do anything for ya, and even if you are, it's just okay.

So, what am I recommending here? Well, if you're gonna get this or considering it (myself, I just love animation and my fellow monsters and such), check this awesome gift set out! It's a Wal-Mart exclusive that comes with a little plush of Mavis in her bat-form! It's a great likeness, if my memory is any good at all, and she is just too adorable! Honestly, I am trying to avoid getting plushes anymore. I mean, I'm an adult male and I think I might finally have a girlfriend. So, I'm being very selective with new toys. But, this is just too cute! Unfortunately for me, I might not have any petty cash while these are available (they're around 26 bucks, I believe), plus, there are other things on my "get list" right now, but if I get the chance, I'd love to pick this set up, so I thought I'd share it with you guys.

Oh, and be prepared for next week, when "Peter Pan" hits Blu-Ray on Tuesday! Even though it's a double-dip for me, these Disney releases always take priority, as I'm a Disney fanatic. It looks like Target will have another exclusive book-style case. If I'm not broke, I may try to snag it. Still annoyed I missed the Tink book version Blu-Ray (gonna try to get it on Ebay someday), but I did snag the Cinderella and Brave ones. They're pretty neat, though it's a bit redundant that the material in the book part is just the story. Ought to be production art or something. Who is going to use the DVD case to read to their kids? Anyway, I still wanna get that version, though Wal-Mart is offering one of those weird little figures in their set, so I hear. Best Buy will probably offer a Lunchbox or something and charge a lot more for it.

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