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Motel Management Recommends...

Welcome back to the Moonlight Motel! Yeah, I know, I haven't posted anything new since February. Well, guess what? I MOVED. And the new place is awesome! Maybe someday I'll get back on track with making videos and you can see some of it, though I still need to do a painting for over the fireplace, get a couple more frames to hang a few more things, and get a bed, curtains, and stuff like that. May take a little time. Not made of money, ya know! I'll need to take a few trips down to my mom's too, to pick up some of those childhood treasures one just can't bare to part with, like the rest of my DVD collection, my trunk of comic books, and some of my favorite toys and statues. But, a lot of things I'll probably have to start selling! Maybe on the merchandise page of this very website! Anyway, we're back to start posting new articles now, even though I've still got a lot to do and catch up with, so it may still be a little while before we get some new comics up. In the meantime, we'll start with a last minute look at my own, personal Easter DVD and treat recommendations! 

As you may or may not know, I'm a holiday nut, and a big part of holidays for me are watching classic holiday movies and specials and satisfying my sweet tooth while doing so. Easter, however, probably gets even less attention than Halloween in the movies and TV specials department (hey, it's still doing better than Thanksgiving!). However, it's not without its own library to choose from, and nor am I! Here are some recommendations from Monty Moonlight's own library, and some not in his library (yet), but still worthy of a name drop! I'll start with my favorite Easter holiday special (because, why save the best for last?), the Rankin/Bass classic, "Here Comes Peter Cottontail", starring the voices of Vincent Price, Danny Kaye, and Casey Kasem! American treasures all (assuming none of them are from Canada; I did NOT have time to research this)!

If you don't remember, this 1971 special is about Peter Cottontail competing against the evil Iron Tail (Vincent Price) for the position of the new Chief Easter Bunny. Peter ends up sleeping through Easter and having to use a time machine to travel back to previous holidays trying to get rid of his eggs by painting them all sorts of colors and talking people into taking them. Overall, it may not be the most Easterish special since it spends a lot of time just going through the calendar. LOVE the song, "If I could Only Get Back to Yesterday", by the way. However, this remains my favorite Easter entertainment tradition. I have fond memories of seeing Iron Tail show off his plan for chocolate tarantulas (YUCK!) and Octo... pi? when watching this special on TV in Prime Time, and I believe even once at school! Love this special so much, I even have some action figures from it! Too bad they made them so large that they're waaaay out of scale compared to the other awesome R/B actions figures out there, like the Rudolph and Santa Claus Is Coming to Town ones I also have. Though, I think they're from two different companies too. But, I digress.

Next up (and by the way, there are lots of great religious-themed movies and specials to watch at Easter too, but I'm keeping this secular), the royalty of holiday specials return for their unique version of Easter in "It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown"!

Surely, you remember Peppermint Patty's many failed attempts to teach Marcie how to color eggs, right? This is another of the best Peanuts holiday specials (since it's one of the earlier ones and one of the major holidays). I don't have much to say about it except that it's awesome! The OTHER Easter title that you absolutely HAVE to watch each year if nothing else. It's available alone and in some Peanuts boxed sets. I have it in the Peanuts 1970's Collection Volume 1. A shame they didn't continue with those Peanuts decade DVD sets. Maybe it's all my fault for not having had the chance to pick up 1970's volume 2 yet.

Now, this was a neat surprise from a couple of years back, the first really non-religious Easter movie I can think of (if you don't count the sci-fi horror film, Critters 2, a very enjoyable movie in its own right), and an instant favorite of mine! Full of Easter sights and sounds and a fun story with likable characters, this sweet tale of two very misunderstood guys, one a young man and the other the son of the Easter Bunny, is loads of magic and fun! I especially love the Pink Berets! If you saw the film, you'd know what I was talking about. Oh, and the fact that there is NO forced romance in the film, because they don't bother to put a romance in at all since it is not important to the story! Now, I admit, everyone I've shown this to hasn't been able to get very far. It suffers from the Chipmunks curse. Cute, CGI animals in a live-action world. It annoys a lot of people for some reason (I have a couple of theories). Not me though, and this movie is just too cute and too much fun, and so perfect for Easter if you overlook the complete lack of any mention of the religious aspects of Easter. Not that I am too bothered by that personally, but it could have made the film even more well-rounded to just acknowledge that side of the day a tad. Granted, I haven't seen this since last Easter maybe. Perhaps I am forgetting something. Anyway, I still recommend anyone who loves Easter give this a chance! I know "Rise of the Guardians" is all the rage right now for holiday fans, and that film is great, especially the Easter Bunny. However, it's not really an Easter movie. This one IS. 

Now, I also am inclined to watch a few other films around this holiday, such as the original "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory," as well as "The Wizard of Oz", any Danny Kaye movie, and I'm probably forgetting some stuff as well. Someone recently asked me if I had a copy of the Family Circus Easter special (it's on YouTube, or at least it was earlier). But the previously discussed films are MY Easter go-to films. Now, quickly, here are a few I am less familiar with these days, but would like to reconnect with. The above image is a 3 disc DVD set that can be found right now at Best Buy and Wal-Mart for 10 bucks, a real bargain if you notice that even in the same stores they can run almost that much individually. I picked it up myself today but haven't watched it yet, nor have I seen these R/B specials  at all, so should be interesting! So, what do you get in this 3 disc set? Well, 2 Rankin Bass Easter Bunny specials and one Yogi Bear Easter special! What more could you want?! 

How about some Bugs Bunny? Ha, I have no idea what this special is like, but I am guessing it's a lot of classic Looney Tunes shorts with poorly made, wraparound animation. Still, I loved these specials as a kid. I'm sure they're still darn entertaining, too! I really need to pick this up!

Now, there are a handful more Easter specials and movies out there, but I doubt many of them are very good. The selections above are your best bet for a great Easter time. I also recommend not worrying about your age and coloring some boiled eggs! You can learn how to boil them perfectly with a quick web search, and when you do, they ain't bad! And, if you have someone to love, make them an elaborate Easter basket! I have mad Easter basket skills! Made a gorgeous one last year for the girl I was wooing (sadly, that seems to have recently fallen through, and I'm pretty devastated, honestly). Be forewarned that they're not going to make a girl who doesn't like you suddenly have a change of heart, but, again, I digress... They do show a lot of love and care when thought is put into them. I also like to bake lemon pies, myself. Planning to make a couple before Sunday rolls around. Besides lemon pies using the Jell-O recipe on their lemon pie filling box, here are my other top favorite Easter treats:

Yellow Chick Peeps
They have to be yellow and they have to be chicks. I LOVE these!

Little Debbie Easter Basket Cakes
Delicious and very pretty on a nice Easter plate.

And finally, Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs! Gotta have 'em every year! Best when refrigerated, as is the case with all Reese's products as far as I know.

And, of course, one could always make the classic bunny cake. Very fun and delicious, and I make them too on occasion. Just bake two round, yellow cakes (I prefer to use Duncan Hines), cut one of them into 3 curved pieces to make the ears and shoulders (or bow tie), and frost accordingly using white (vanilla) frosting that you should cover in shredded coconut for best effect. Add a bit of red food coloring to some coconut to make the inside of the ears pink. Gumdrops make good eyes, nose, etc..., but you can make the face with whatever candy you like. Next time I make one, I'll post a picture, but we're trying to go lighter on the sweets this year. Anyway, I got my Easter groceries today, so I'm all set. Cooking fajitas (one of the traditional Easter meals) on the big day as well. Now, if only I could find a place holding an egg hunt for adults, I'd strap on my bunny ears and head on over! Yes, I do have bunny ears, but they're guy ones. They came with my Hop blu-ray when it was first released at Target. Seriously, they aren't girly looking at all! They're brown! Last year, I wore them to color Easter eggs with Kiki, whom I bought some white ones for... *sigh* ... Kiki... in bunny ears... Holidays alone suck! Okay, gotta cut this short for now, but I'll be back with more stuff next week, I hope! In the meantime, enjoy Easter! I know I will (as best I can considering the circumstances). And, I"ll be back soon with a new Crush of the Week and much more!


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