Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Monty's Crush of the Week

Brooke Shields
(Alice Sweet Alice, Pretty Baby, The Blue Lagoon, Endless Love, Sahara,
Brenda Star, Suddenly Susan, Justice League: The New Frontier{voice},
Hannah Montana, Army Wives, and MUCH more, and of course, model)

Here's a childhood crush of mine I basically had to be reminded about, because, honestly, my attraction to Brooke Shields falls within a small window of her career. See, she grew up to be a big gal, and I like rather petite women most of the time. Heck, even when I liked her (see the photo above), she was taller than I am now, but I didn't know that and still prefer to imagine it isn't the case. Would I date a girl taller than me... yeah, I think I've seen girls I found attractive enough, but Brooke wasn't just taller. She ended up being 6 feet and very Amazonian. A lot of guys dig that, but it's not my thing. I always preferred Supergirl and Batgirl to Wonder Woman, ha. However, I happened to see her appearance on the Muppet Show earlier today and was reminded of how much my type she was for a while (again, forgetting that, even then, she would tower over me at my full-grown height). She was a true vision on her Muppet Show appearance. Yeah, she was pretty young there, but not like that creepy, "Pretty Baby" era or anything. She looked much like she does in the above pic, and she was ten years older than me, so my crushing on her when watching the Muppet Show as a kid was all kosher. Maybe a bit inappropriate when watching it now, but that depends on what state your in, ha.

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