Sunday, June 16, 2013

Moonlight Movie Reviews - This Is the End

Well, everyone was out seeing “Man of Steel” yesterday, so I wound up with tickets for “This Is the End”, which is fine (and which was also selling out). I really wanted to see that one too, and even last night, I was having a hard time choosing which one I wanted to see more, even if a new Superman film is naturally more “important” to me, being a longtime fan (even if mostly from the cartoons, TV shows and movies rather than the comics). Hopefully, I'll catch that one tomorrow afternoon. In the meantime, I am pretty psyched to tell you all about the hilarious apocalypse comedy...

Based on a short film I have yet to see (more of a fake trailer, I hear), "This Is the End" is a very unique comedy, partially penned and directed by one of the stars, Seth Rogan, in which the actors taking part are actually playing themselves. The story mostly involves today's hottest comedy stars, that crew of Seth Rogan, Jay Baruchel, James Franco, Jonah Hill, Danny McBride, Craig Robinson... well, those are the main stars (and I guess you could have read them all off the poster above), but others appear as well. Plus, a very appreciated appearance by the goddess herself, Emma Watson (whom I would have to name as one of the 3-5 women tied for most beautiful celebrity now and possibly ever, in my book). Incidentally, the group of guys who star in this film are also the group rumored most-likely to be tapped for the new recruits in Ghostbusters 3, if that actually happens. Of course, a lot of Ghostbusters fanatics hate that idea. They say these new comedians just aren't funny and nothing like those of the early 80's, such as Bill Murray, Steve Martin, Chevy Chase, etc... I have to call B.S. on that one. I am a Ghostbusters fanatic, and I feel like Steve Martin and Bill Murray are two of the most naturally funny guys ever, and Chevy is great if he has a good script..., but these new guys, they're hilarious too, and their comedy isn't THAT different. There are really only two big differences. One, these guys aren't limited by censorship and a much more conservative general public, and two, the style of humor these days is more self-deprecating, which I tend to like (see my comic strip). I like to credit Conan O'Brien for starting that off, but it probably can be traced back further. Well, heck, you could put the "dummy" in classic comedy teams in that category, such as Lou Costello, or go back to circus clowns or the "fools" of ancient times, but when I think of it being popularized, I always think of Conan O'Brien's prom night bit, as he stood in the rain looking in to watch the other kids dancing. But, I digress... Point is, I greatly enjoy these new guys and would love to see some of them as new Ghostbusters, even if not all of their comedies hit me perfectly. They're definitely heavy on the stoner and sexual humor, but, again, this was always around, there just aren't reigns on it now. 

Anyway, the important thing is that you HAVE to like these guys and their comedy to like this movie. This is totally about hanging with Jay, Seth, Franco and the gang as they parody themselves in a comedy that shows us what would happen if the apocalypse hit while these self-absorbed, hard-partying, Hollywood types were gathered together for a wild fiesta at Franco's new pad in L.A. As you might expect, it is a laugh riot. Many people die, and I don't want to give away too much for you, but they made a very interesting and surprising choice with the type of apocalypse they used for this film. Nice to see a big, Hollywood film that doesn't go the more popular routes for a change, yet still handled their choice very well, and I'd even say pretty respectfully,... for a film full of obscenity, graphic visuals, plenty of drug use and Danny McBride.

It's true that, when there isn't much you didn't like about a movie, it is pretty hard to come up with much to say about it besides just, "It was hilarious! It was so awesome!" etc... That can be said about this film. Honestly, I have no complaints. There were some really cool visual effects, some fantastic cameos, and the good times, just like the freaky, dangerous, and scary for the characters times, never quit! There have been a lot of apocalyptic movies in the past 20 years or so. Type of apocalypse aside, the style of this one reminds me of two in particular, Cloverfield, and if I'm thinking of the right one, Skyline. This one is not a found footage movie, don't worry about that, so maybe it's just the set up of young people at a party, set in the real world, suddenly being shocked to find they are facing what could be the end of humanity. And, of course, they fight among themselves as they try to survive and figure out what's going on. This, I would say, is the ultimate movie of that kind, IF you are cool with it being a raunchy comedy, ha. I would like to say some other stuff, but I just don't feel like doing spoilers right now. Anyway, that's largely all it would be. Basically, if you wanna see a movie tonight and Man of Steel is sold out, I highly recommend this one, but only if you have found these guys funny in the past. It is all about them. But, it's actually got a nice message too. And be prepared to laugh a lot and really feel like you're hanging with you best friends the whole time! Great job, guys!

Kudos also to the fairly new Alamo Drafthouse on Slaughter Lane. It's a long drive, but I was happy to discover (not that this was my first time there) that it's right off Mopac, as is my place (just on opposite sides of town), and not only was the food and service great, as is usually the case at the Drafthouse, but man, they have a lot of gorgeous ladies working there... And viewing movies there, but those all have dates... I don't know about these tables for two though. I like the other kind better, I think. I mean, I go to the Drafthouse alone A LOT.

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