Saturday, July 13, 2013

Monty's Crush of the Week

Nicole Ray
(XXX Star)

Well, I promised I would have a good mix of ladies from all over the place in my "Crush of the Week" feature, including some from the world of "adult" entertainment. Here is one of the most gorgeous, by my standards, anyway. But, let me say, it is TOUGH to find images of her with any clothing on. *ahem* So, sorry about the size of this pic (this is a last minute entry too, as the week is obviously nearly over). Making it larger would make it fuzzier, but it was the one I liked best out of the, like, 3 images I found in which she was fully dressed...  It's funny, I was discussing with a friend of mine recently, the conundrum of finding girls in the porn industry who happen to be exactly your type, especially for me, as most women in porn were not to my taste for years, with only rare exceptions. I think "Girls Gone Wild" and independent websites on the internet changed everything... Though, somehow, the popular thing is still to add breast implants and bad makeup to make even these naturally beautiful ones look as horrendous as possible once they are gaining popularity. *sigh* Oh well. But, that's not even the conundrum I was discussing. It's the issue that, yes, girls like this make porn suddenly much more appealing, but you also get depressed with thoughts of, "Why, oh why is this goddess doing porn?" The fact is, most of the girls doing porn just enjoy the heck out of it. There's some appeal to that to, but still, a girl you'd be more than thrilled to "bring home to mother", so to speak, well, you don't really like to see them being plowed by 3 guys at once... You just... don't. You do... and you don't. Anyway, this is Nicole Ray, 24 year old beauty who is one of the best at arousing and frustrating her fans simultaneously. In my book, probably among my top 5 professionals in the adult film industry. Okay, I'll try to make the next crush of the week post a much cleaner one, ha ha! 


  1. who are the other 4 that you like?

    1. Well, I was being very "off the top of my head", even with that number. I haven't done any official ranking, but I know a few are definitely faves of mine, such as Lexi Belle, Amai Liu, and Nicole Ray. I could name others, but not without looking stuff up, as I tend to forget names, ha. Also, a lot of the girls I prefer are net girls, some of them maybe not in the mainstream yet. In fact, I think the most attractive ladies tend to be web girls, and I don't know if they'd ever go mainstream. The girls in the mainstream that are my top faves, such as the ones I've mentioned (but some others as well) tend to be the type that look more like web girls. I hate all the tattoos, implants, and heavy makeup working in the mainstream brings on. I might even prefer Lexi Belle in her earlier work, when she was a brunette and lighter on the makeup.