Sunday, July 14, 2013

Monty's Crush of the Week

Holy shnikey! I just found out that they finally made a Percy Jackson sequel after all! Does this mean it's not too late for a second Vampire's Assistant?! I won't even speculate about the many other Harry Potter wannabes that came out in the past 10 years or so. Anyway, I'm psyched! The first film wasn't a masterpiece. Pretty by-the-numbers Harry Potter-turned-Greek myths kinda thing, but a fine popcorn flick, and with the customary goddess of a female best-friend/love interest, too. Well, demi-goddess, if we get literal with this one. And, I've decided to make said demi-goddess this week's "Crush of the Week"!

Alexandra Daddario
(All My Children, Damages, The Babysitters, Percy Jackson and the
Olympians: The Lightning Thief, Bereavement, Odd Jobs, White Collar, Hall Pass,
Parenthood, Texas Chainsaw 3D, Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, and more...)

So, this is Alexandra. You'll surely notice her unbelievable eyes, but the rest of her is pretty amazing too. Fitting that she would play a warrior demi-goddess in the Percy Jackson series, as this 27 year old (give or take a few months, and still playing a teen in Percy Jackson, I suspect) was born to take on the role of Wonder Woman. And, if WB doesn't cast her in a Wonder Woman or Justice League movie to follow-up "Man of Steel", they are complete boneheads. Not only would she make a perfect Wonder Woman, but she'd make MY perfect Wonder Woman, AKA Wonder Woman from Justice League the animated series. In other words, she's one of the few women I've seen pull off the Amazonian princess/superheroine look while still being cute and feminine enough to be super attractive to me, someone who generally prefers Supergirl and Batgirl,... and Wonder Girl. At the very least, she should be cast as Wonder Girl! But I think she's a bit too old for that by now, even if her looks could allow for it. But, let me display this quick, Photoshop mockup I did years ago using one of her Percy Jackson posters to illustrate my point:

Now, admittedly, I really do need to see some of her other work. So far, I've only seen Percy Jackson. I'll be in line to see her in Percy Jackson 2 though, but very frustrated about her change to blonde hair. I love blondes (and redheads), but when you pull off brunette this good, stick with it. That's as gorgeous as any blonde or redhead could be.


On an unrelated note, I just got back from a second viewing of "The Lone Ranger". Folks, I'm sorry, but this is a GOOD movie. Yeah, there are a few weird things in it, but it is a good time for sure! Go out and see it! Everybody! Maybe there's still time to turn this thing around! Okay, maybe that's hopeless, but the saddest fact is that this will prevent a Lone Ranger sequel, which could and probably would have been really awesome. That's the thing about hero films. The sequels often are better because they don't have to focus on the origin story. But, I guess we'll never know. Still, show yourself a good time and get out and see it! It's great!

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