Monday, July 22, 2013

Monty's Crush of the Week

Kristen Connolly
(Guiding Light, Revolutionary Road, As the World Turns, Superego, Certainty, The Cabin in the Woods, The Bay, Ex-Girlfriends, House of Cards, Worst Friends)

Admittedly, I am only familiar with Kristen Connolly from one piece of work, "The Cabin in the Woods", easily one of my favorite horror films... EVER. There are two beautiful actresses in that film (oh, wait, more than two, but focusing on the main characters...). Knowing me, one might expect me to lean towards the other, the short "blonde" rather than the lankier looking girl with the unique face. That other actress may be featured here in the future, as she is growing on me more as I rewatch the film, and she displays the more personality, but Kristen is totally gorgeous in this movie, and her shy/good girl character is very appealing too, and redheads can sooo go either way, but when you see a gorgeous one, they are soooo gorgeous, ya know? But, I won't say I always find Connolly gorgeous. As I've said, I haven't seen her in anything else, though she has done a lot (she may very convincingly play a college student in Cabin in the Woods, but my sources say she's been in her 30's for a while now), but doing an image search shows her to have a wide variety of looks, sometimes too different from Cabin in the Woods for my tastes, ha. But, unquestionably, whenever I put that film on, she definitely becomes my "Crush of the Week".

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