Monday, August 5, 2013

Monty's Crush of the Week

Tao Okamoto
(The Wolverine, plus 14 years of professional modeling)

Yeah, I finally saw "The Wolverine", and I'll write a review about it after this, but as I didn't do any posts last week, well, Crush of the Week is the most fun and quick one, so here ya go. And, obviously, I'm still high off the experience of "The Wolverine". I enjoyed it a lot, and there were some lovely ladies in it, my favorite being the girl pictured above, Tao Okamoto, who plays Wolverine's love interest in the film, set in Japan. Now, researching quickly for this posting, I found that "The Wolverine" is 28-year-old Tao's first film. Apparently, she's been a model for half her life. You would assume that would mean I'd have a tough time selecting just one pic of her to post in this article, but sometimes the opposite is the case. Frankly, models usually aren't my thing. They tend to be tall and lanky, and a lot of the fashion and photog people like to make them look even more so, and very androgynous too. None of that is stuff I go for. Frankly, I found all of Tao's modeling pics, well, most, that came up in a quick image search to be pretty unattractive. I was shocked, because this girl was enchanting in the film. However, a few pics, very few, which seemed to be of a more real person than the others, were much better and more as I remembered her. So glad I found this photo. Check her out in "The Wolverine", she is really totally lovely and worthy of crushing on, but sometimes it's not so obvious until that one day comes along when someone is revealed in a very different light.

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