Saturday, August 24, 2013

Monty's Crush of the Week

Since I didn't get one of these in for last week, we'll just call this last week's,
and I'll try to get another one in later for this week. Hey, it was still last week
up until a couple hours ago... 

Bruce Timm's Supergirl 
Kara In-Ze
(Superman the Animated Series, Batman the Animated Series,
Justice League/Justice League Unlimited, comics and other
media based on the Timm/Dini DC Animated Universe)

So, this is Supergirl version Kara In-Ze. Basically, there are various incarnations of Supergirl, and Kara In-Ze is the version created for the DC Animated Universe of the 90's and early 2000's. She wears a costume unlike any Supergirl costume I'd seen before, but if my research is correct, it DID exist a little while before this Supergirl's debut as worn by a different Supergirl in the comics universe. When I first saw comics with a comic style Supergirl in this outfit (rather than the comics directly based on the animated universe, which were the only ones I occasionally bought), I originally thought the animated shows were influencing the comic universe. I guess not. I find a lot of interesting things out by researching for the stuff I post on this website. Anywho, so, I could have just posted "Supergirl" in general as my crush of the week. That's what I did for Batgirl back when this site was completely different and I was posting an overly ambitious Crush of the Day article, ha. Well, the fact is, I don't always adore Supergirl. But, when I do, I REALLY do. And THIS is the one I REALLY DO adore. Other versions of Supergirl are sometimes too Barbie-like for my tastes. A tall blonde with a very comic-book heroine body. Lanky but built, and a bit too bombshell-ish or sometimes even Amazonian. I love me some Batgirl and Supergirl, my favorite female superheroes outside of Sailor Moon, but give me the Bruce Timm versions over ANY others.

Yeah, Bruce Timm, who designed this version of Supergirl, is easily one of my all-time favorite artists. He sometimes takes heat for all his guys looking the same and all his girls looking the same. Or, at least, having the same basics, with only slight variations. Well, his forms are simplified, but the variations do a LOT. They're sorta like Anime characters in that way. And I love me some Anime girls. And I LOVE me some Bruce Timm girls. The man perfectly captures my "type". I remember there was a time when my type, though always popular, was never the mainstream idea of ultimate beauty. What changed that? I believe the WB Network (now the CW, I think), with shows like Buffy and Smallville, and also all those late night Girls Gone Wild commercials. Yeah, now porn is full of girls who are my type too, which I have mixed feelings about. Point is, Bruce Timm draws girls very petite and girly, (even his Wonder Woman is petite and feminine when compared to other Wonder Woman interpretations), with large eyes, nice curves, and great outfits. His Supergirl... as much as I love Batgirl, as much as I love Timm's Batgirl, his Supergirl is just perfect. I mean, his Batgirl was perfect too, but... I don't know, I was really blown away by his Supergirl. I guess she has the sexier outfit than Batgirl, for my tastes, anyway. The mini skirt, bare legs, and booties thing... And a hair band? You don't see those enough nowadays... She was just soooo awesome. Put her in an episode WITH Batgirl, and I just lose it! I think she's also the most petite of all the girls I've seen Bruce Timm do, also. For a Supergirl character, she is darn petite. Good on you, Bruce Timm, for making Supergirl so different like that. It's like a Supergirl designed JUST for ME!

Incidentally, I don't usually do animated girls two weeks in a row. Sorry. I have been watching my Justice League DVDs, and I just saw the first disc of Unlimited, so I have been enjoy some great Supergirl episodes! I didn't get to watch this entire show when it first aired, so I'm looking forward to continuing! And I know there are more great Supergirl episodes to come! So, there's Monty's Crush of the Week, Kara In-Ze! She can save me ANYTIME!

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