Monday, October 7, 2013

Monty's Crush of the Week

I just finished watching the first episode of the new season of "Once Upon a Time" (didn't realize it's two weeks in already! watching the next ep after this), and it was AMAZING! And one gorgeous lady whom I've been meaning to make a Crush of the Week for a while looked particularly amazing in the episode...

Jamie Chung
(Days of Our Lives, Greek, Samurai Girl, Dragonball: Evolution, Princess
Protection Program, Sorority Row, Burning Palms, Grown Ups, Sucker Punch,
The Hangover 2 and 3, The Asset, Eden, Knife Fight, Premium Rush,
The Man with the Iron Fists, Once Upon a Time, Sin City 2, and more)

So, even though Jamie Chung plays the Chinese legend Mulan on ABC's "Once Upon a Time", possibly my favorite of the handful of TV shows I'm currently addicted to, turns out she is actually of Korean descent. Now, I just wanna say, not every girl I post for Crush of the Week is going to be Korean. This two Korean girls in a row thing was a fluke, and not because I am sooo very hung up on a certain one I used to spend a lot of time with in particular. I swear, this is just because Once Upon a Time came back and Jamie was featured a lot in the first new episode, and she really did look more amazing than ever, though I've had a thing for her Mulan on that show since day one (and I do hope we get to see her more feminine side at some point, because I'd love to see her dressed a bit more girly; she always wears her armor so far, as best I can remember).  Also, I didn't realize she was one of the lovely ladies of "Sucker Punch"! I really need to rewatch that movie sometime soon.  She's actually got quite a body *ahem* of work, and I really need to look further into it. And so should you!

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