Thursday, October 24, 2013

Monty's Crush of the Week

I've decided to do one more "Once Upon a Time" girl this week, so I'll be caught up with all my favorite crushes from that show so far...

Freya Tingley
(Cloudstreet, X: Night of Vengeance, Hemlock Grove, Once Upon a Time, Swelter, Jersey Boys)

Yes, it's true, fanboys, breathe a sigh of relief. The thought police aren't gonna come after you for this one. Even though the gorgeous and enchanting Freya was excellently cast and uncomfortably attractive in the role of Wendy Darling in ABC's "Once Upon a Time" for the final part of Season 2, she was not and is not actually a tween. Yeah, you may raise your eyebrow at that, but it's true, she's over 18. Those two pics below, that's the same girl around the same time. Though, I'm noticing more in the still shot than I did in the actual show just how busty Wendy appears to be, ha.

 Australian-born actress Freya Tingley (she does make one tingly, doesn't she?) is still pretty new on the scene, so I don't have a long list of stuff you can see her in (some of that stuff isn't even out yet), but I hear she's in a pretty good Netflix series (Hemlock Grove). She also has been in around 4 shorts, according to IMDB. Besides that, all I can say is that she was an excellent Wendy on Once Upon a Time, and I wish we'd see more of her there, but it seems unlikely. You can never tell with that show though. At any rate, I'm sure we'll be seeing more of Freya, and who would complain about that?

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