Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Monty's Crush of the Week

Wow, I had someone else in mind for this week, but I decided to push her (and a few others I intended to follow her) down the line a bit more when I realized I had nearly forgotten one favorite, fictional dreamgirl perfect for this week in particular!

Katrina Van Tassel
(Love interest in most if not all incarnations of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, AKA the Legend of the Headless Horseman, but in this case, most notably the beauties from Disney's 1949 animated film, "The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad" and Tim Burton's 1999 film, "Sleepy Hollow" )

Who could be a better choice for the Halloween season than the goddess from that American classic, "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow". But, for me, though they are not the only two Katrinas I've found beauteous in the past, the Disney and Christina Ricci versions are truly the ones I long for.

Ah, I LOVE Disney's Katrina in her pigtails from the party scene! She's extra beautiful in that scene! She's described as "pleasingly plump" in the film, but this must be by 1949 standards, ha (nowadays, you really have to be careful to whom you say you like "curvy" women; though, for the record, I myself tend to like lean women just as much if not more; call me a hypocrite if you must). Take a look at the scene above. That's one of my favorite bits from the film. Truly a delightful girl. Too bad she turns out to have pretty typical tastes and is really just after beefhead Brom Bones. Whoops! Spoiler alert! Seriously though, I hope you've seen this movie by now.

And, ah, Christina Ricci as Katrina. So well-cast to this Disney fanatic, maybe because Burton is a fan of the Disney film himself (a former Disney animator). Then again, I may just consider her well-cast because of my feelings for Ricci, since in truth, though she is beautiful, blonde, charming and curvy like Disney's version, that might be where the similarities end. I had a huge crush on Christina Ricci before this (yes, I know she just got married, don't bother commenting to let me know... *sigh*). This film certainly caused a bit of a relapse. Ricci looked completely different here, but she also was one of the most beautiful sights I've ever seen in this film! The character was enchanting as well. Not a whole lot like the Disney version, but then, neither was the film, except with certain visuals here and there. Love them both though, and two of my favorite versions to be sure, though I also love the Hallmark version just as much, and for fun I will watch the Jeff Goldblum version annually too, not to mention "The Hollow" (a modern, teen take on the story featuring a young Kaley Cuoco) and the new Sleepy Hollow TV series. These two though, I could watch these two for Katrina alone! Luckily though, they are also both great films!


  1. I love Disney's take on The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, and it's actually on our viewing list for tonight. It's one of the greatest things you could watch for Halloween. The cartoon's depiction of Katrina is indeed very beautiful, though like you said, her character is pretty shallow. Come to think of it, pretty much all the characters in the story had ulterior motives. Ichabod is supposed to be the protagonist, and yet he too is a rather seedy character. I guess it made the characters seem truer to life haha.

    While I love Tim Burton's film version of the oft-told tale, I don't find Christina Ricci's version of Katrina very attractive. I've never particularly cared for Ricci's looks; she's just never struck my fancy I guess. Great movie though, and Depp makes for an amusing Ichabod.

  2. You're totally right about the characters in Disney's Sleepy Hollow, and it's one of my favorite Halloween traditions. Much like "A Christmas Carol", I seem to love nearly any version of the story and watch as many as I can around the holidays, though I must admit that I missed out on A LOT this Halloween! Didn't get to watch ANY Sleepy Hollow movies, and I didn't even get to watch Great Pumpkin! That might be the first Halloween ever that I've gone without watching The Great Pumpkin! Ha. I tried, but I just never got the chance! I still might watch some Sleepy Hollows before Thanksgiving though. Who knows, maybe even the Great Pumpkin. But, in all honesty, it seems like Christmas is already attacking me with its festive allure.

    I really love Burton's version of Sleepy Hollow, and my late father was a HUGE fan of that movie. I'm not sure what it was about that movie that he loved so much, as he had very much his own tastes. Often, when he liked to watch a movie a lot, it had more to do with the scenery, ha. He loved Dracula movies for the gothic castles and the country side, and the horse drawn coaches and all that! Ha. Maybe he liked the visuals of Sleepy Hollow, though I never knew him to be a big Burton fan, and Buton's visuals are very distinct. But, maybe he liked it for Ricci, which was definitely one of the draws for me. I know he would watch anything with Natalie Portman in it, ha.

    Anyway, as for Ricci, there was a time when I was very obsessed with her. I'm one of those guys, ha. I can fall hard for even just a celebrity crush, so I have a history of having a handful of major ones among all my tons of minor ones. Ricci was one of those major ones, though at some point (before Sleepy Hollow), she went through an awkward phase that completely turned me off, ha. And, when I go back and see Ricci when I was waaay into her, I can see she is a cutie (to me), but I find it kinda funny that I was soooo into her. But, when I saw her in Sleepy Hollow, well, she blew me away with her beauty, even if she was wearing a big ol' wig, ha. Those stills in my post above, that's a perfect example of one of my big three "types" that I am most attracted to. Primarily though, I am a face guy, and I LOVE large eyes and small noses. She has that down pat, ha. But, I'll admit that this film was a unique moment for her. Even in her work sense then, I have never found her so attractive to this degree. In fact, sometimes I have found her very attractive, sometimes hardly at all. But, yeah, in Sleepy Hollow she is one of my concepts of perfection. Not my only reason for loving that movie though. Granted, I love the Disney version even more, but I love pretty much everything about Burton's, though I admit that I have a tendency to prefer sticking to the original story, which is why I also am a HUGE fan of the Hallmark version. Katrina is a hottie in that one too, though moreso in other films I've seen her in. It's more a case of knowing the actress (Rachelle Lefevre) is a hottie, I guess, ha. And then, in a fun but very cable TV movie feeling modernization called "The Hollow, the love interest is a young Kaley Cuoco. I don't recall if she was playing a descendant of Katrina or not. She's one of those head cheerleader type characters, but she was into the descendant of Ichabod, though the meatheaded descendant of Brom Bones wanted her too. Though I enjoy Big Bang Theory, I kinda feel like Cuoco was only attractive early in the first season. She had sort of a Britney Spears thing going on with the way she has been aging. I liked Britney Spears too, when she FIRST came on the music scene, ha. However, earlier Kaley Cuoco was very cute, like in The Hollow. I should at least put that one on before things get too Christmassy around here! Ha.

  3. A little late for a comment, but wherever:

    I never liked the original Disney cartoon Katrina, she is thin and shallow.
    But Katrina made by Christina is the woman of my dreams. Beautiful, deep, charismatic, intelligent, witch and with all that, a to die for body and face.

    I have a full demolition - a "crush" do not show the idea - on her since I was very young and watch the second Addams family movie on TV. Since this day I'm hooked on this - now - woman. I rewatch the movies several times just to watch her.

    Some years later I watch Casper on the theater,and was very, very, very happy to see her again, but I was too naive at the time to know what was happening.

    I grow older and became very distant to movies, until my brother invite me to watch sleep hollow. I did not know that she was playing the role, and was a very nice surprise to see the most attractive woman I have ever seen. I was not, too, naive anymore.

    Since the lady is now a Madame, all I got is try to find someone look a like, cause the real deal is just too far away, for this incarnation :) , and I prefer her with more weight, like in this movie, I almost have an heart attack when I saw her in the premiere of the sleep hollow movie, she was the perfect woman, to die for! - I still debate with myself if shes was prettier in the movie or in the premier...

    Thanks for the text, was a nice reading. Cheers!