Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Well, it's that time of year again. Somehow, it really seems this year has flown by particularly fast. I still have a million things to catch up on, but time has been extremely hard to come by lately. I have plenty of articles planned for the future, comics, of course, reviews and other nonsense, but even with overdue art commissions and impending travel plans to take care of, putting the breaks on everything for at least a day or two for the Thanksgiving celebration is, thankfully, pretty much non-negotiable.

I recently made the 5 hour drive to my mom's to pick her up for the holidays. With Dad gone two years now and my older sister many hours in the opposite direction with her own family, our little group seems smaller than ever. Stepping out of the role I sometimes write in here, that of Monty Moonlight, someone very similar to myself but who happens to be an only child, in reality I not only have an older sis, but a younger one as well who happens to be my roommate here in Austin. Thanksgiving this year, as last year, will just be my younger sis, my mom, and me. In the past few years, while my parents were both fighting cancer and since then, we have opted to only have one homemade turkey feast a year, either for Christmas or for Thanksgiving, finding a restaurant to celebrate the other in. This year, for reasons I'll divulge later, we chose Thanksgiving to be our restaurant meal, but luckily, we also found something to make it double special. We'll be having Thanksgiving dinner at my favorite place (after Disney World), The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Austin. We'll be watching Disney's "Frozen" while enjoying their Thanksgiving feast. I'll let you know how it was. 

Of course, I'm pretty sure it'll be nothing like that image, ha. I suspect we will be served slices of turkey and never get to see the whole bird. This is a restaurant meal at a movie theater, after all, albeit an awesome one. We have had Thanksgiving dinner at Cracker Barrel once before. I suspect the meal will be similar to that one. A far cry from a homemade Thanksgiving, but not terrible either. And I'm excited to be seeing Frozen. In addition, I have acquired some advance screening tickets to "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty", which we hopefully will make it out to as well (not at the Drafthouse), in addition to a Drafthouse "Christmas Vacation" Quote-Along. I've been planning to talk about their Quote Alongs in an article soon too, as I went to my first two this year. Also planning a review of one of my favorite places to eat in Austin, Torchy's Tacos. But, like I said, though I wanted to get more done both here and in other arenas, BEFORE Thanksgiving, it really came up on me fast, so hopefully I'll get the Crush of the Week up before the week is out, and maybe some of that other stuff too, but we'll see. I've also been holding down a day job that doesn't acknowledge holidays. I'll be working on Thanksgiving, but I will be out by 3pm, so at least my schedule doesn't TOTALLY kill my day, ha. 

It's been a crazy year for me. It's been a handful of crazy years. Rough years, to be honest, but I'm Thankfully that my mom is doing well right now (not perfect, but much better) and that she's here to share the holidays with us. Though I need to find something that will do more than get me by, and though I still hope I can make a living off my comics or art, or some other creative endeavor someday, I am also grateful to have a job I don't hate right now. And, thanks to that job, I'm grateful to have a really nice apartment for a change.

I've been more than a little bit miserable this year romance-wise, and there's really nothing I'm thankful for in that department, and it drags me down every day and every way, as it has my whole life. I'm a guy who has always been completely alone and hated it. I'm the type that craves someone to cuddle, and to do everything else with of course, and often we are the ones who never have it. It's something I don't really have anyone to discuss with, because when I try, I realize no one really understands, because no one I've ever met has reluctantly gone without (in this department) for as long as I have, which is going on 4 decades now. No one really seems to understand the effect it can have on you. I thought things were finally going to change recently. I fell in love with someone a couple years ago. Amazingly, this goddess actually went out with me. Several times, in fact. For two years (on and off), in fact. Never as a committed relationship though. It was just a lot of random dates. We barely kissed in all that time. I later found out why, and the bottom line is that this girl did not feel the same about me as I did about her. At times, she treated me very badly, but there are so many reasons for which I truly loved her, and ever since she has been gone from my life, I've felt half dead. No, I don't feel very thankful when I think of all that, but I am going to try my best to, for once, focus on that other stuff and not think about it. I know it's impossible, but I'm going to try at least try to think about it less than usual, which is probably all the time.

Well, I'm REALLY short on time right now. Should have been in bed a long time ago. But, I wanted to post something to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Keep checking us out here for new stuff. Also, hey, feel free to follow me, NathanLeeJames, on Instagram! Like us on Facebook too. Thanks, and I'll post again soon!

PS: Did you hear about Wizard World Texas this year? That's the comic con that comes to Texas annually and has been hosted by Austin for a while now. Man, this year, it was crazy with celebs, big and small names! I soooo wanted to attend! Unfortunately, this year it was impossible. I don't even know about next year, but cross your fingers! I hope to be setting up a table there in the very near future for Moonlight Motel, and perhaps to sell some art prints too! hope to see you all there, and hopefully some cute, single, female cosplayers who like older men with no relationship experience, ha. Enjoy your meal, folks!

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