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Motel Management Recommends... The Texas Roadhouse - N. 183 Austin

I know, you're probably wondering why I'm talking about a chain restaurant today instead of an Austin original. Especially one that doesn't really have ties to Texas. It doesn't even have true ties to former spokesman Willie Nelson anymore, or so I've heard, though perhaps some of them still have a Willie's Corner booth. But, none of that is important right now anyway. This is the Moonlight Motel, and there are certain things we notice here (especially me). Texas Roadhouse in general has some of the best food I've had in this type of restaurant (granted, I always order the same thing), but this particular Texas Roadhouse, the one on N. U.S. Highway 183, has got the most gorgeous staff I have ever seen! Seriously, the ladies here are just beautiful, and there are sooo many! I mean, I've eaten at a fair handful of Texas Roadhouses. It was my recently late father's favorite restaurant. MOST of them have some cute ladies working there. Once in a while, you will hit a phenomenal one. This is one of those phenomenal ones! From the hostesses to the waitresses to whatever else, we're talking serious girlfriend material. And I hear from some females I know (meaning relatives, since those are the only females I know) that the guys are nothing to sneeze at either, but I really wouldn't know (or care). 

 Now, as much as I love the food, and as much as I love and recommend THIS Roadhouse due to the, um, service, ha, I don't get out here very often. It's not just because I am not really a country music guy. Be prepared, it IS blaring. And, I'll confess, I went through a brief country music phase in my teens. We all did at that time. It was actually good for a brief period in the 90's. But, generally speaking... not my thing. I do love young ladies in cowgirl boots, cowgirl hats, and denim though. Especially if their haircolor is natural. But, I digress. The main reason is that I don't usually have the dough to shell out for a steak dinner, ha, and I didn't last night either, but ya gotta treat yourself sometime. Of course, they do have other stuff on the menu, but when I go to the Roadhouse, I want a Rib-Eye.

Now, if you haven't been, when you get to the Roadhouse, as per the norm, you are greeted and led to a table, with or without a wait first. I went on Sunday night, sometime after five, and they were just the right amount of busy. I didn't have to wait, it wasn't crowded, but it certainly wasn't dead either. That waitress above in the glasses, let me tell ya, none of these pics do anyone justice. She was gorgeous, but she was not my waitress. My waitress was also gorgeous, but I didn't get a photo of her. Sorry, not yet comfortable with saying, "Hey, can I get a pic of you for my website?" I can't talk to women unless I'm drunk, and I don't drink. Maybe someday. Maybe someday I'll take up drinking.

While being seated, you'll be left with some of their fresh-baked bread and delicious cinnamon butter. These things together can pretty much serve as a dessert. As an appetizer though, you may want to wait for a drink first. Bread can definitely get stuck in your neck. Myself though, I like to save a roll for my side of chili. Sooo good together. If bread isn't something you enjoy, each table should have a full bucket of peanuts that are usually pretty delicious. Oh, fair warning. This is a place that is known for their free peanuts (in the shell). There are peanut shells on the floor and a warning of peanut dust on the front door. There are big barrels of peanuts when you enter a Texas Roadhouse, and most will send you home with a bag if you ask for it. If you love peanuts, its pretty great. They used to encourage you to just toss the shells on the floor. I guess they don't encourage that anymore, as your table will also usually have an empty bucket too. But, people still often toss their shells on the floor. Old habits die hard, and even I often forget there is an empty bucket right there on my table. Too bad, too, because I still am self conscious about dropping the shells on the floor. Anywho,... flustered by my lovely waitress when she came around, on top of being flustered by the hostesses (it's quite overwhelming, especially this particular Roadhouse; it's like being on a CW show for an hour or so), I managed to order my usual, a coke, a 10oz Rib-Eye (the smallest option), medium, with a side of chili with cheese (hold the onion) and a Caesar Salad (the steak meal comes with two sides).

Now, I apologize, but the following photo is not MY salad. I took a bunch of pictures of everything, but I stupidly only took one photo of the salad, and then I stupidly deleted it from my phone on accident, and stupid iPhone4 does not allow you to retrieve anything deleted, since the waste basket does not actually exist. Unlike on a computer, where you think something is gone forever and you end up getting caught with it anyway. Not me, my friend's brother. Anyway, this photo was swiped off the internet. If I remember next time I go, I'll rephotograph my salad and change this one out for it. But, I'm not going to remember...

Now, the reason it is sooo important that I post a picture of the salad is simply this: I am NOT a salad guy. Not at all. My god, I'm a werewolf! I'm a carnivore! I don't eat rabbit food! I mean, okay, when I was with a certain someone for two years, I admit that I dabbled in vegetarian cooking for her sake. What can I say, I was really in love. But veggie eating is simply not my natural state, and it's usually work for me to try to blend it into my diet. I just don't like the taste. Having said that...

I LOVE the Caesar Salad at Texas Roadhouse! No joke, it is AMAZING! AMAZING!!! I could literally go there and just eat that. I can't believe I'm saying that, though I guess some people do it. Someday, maybe I'll try it. I'm sure the dressing makes it not so low-cal (don't quote me on that, I have not checked, but I hear that about most restaurant salads), but it is the most delicious thing ever! Same with the croutons! And of course, I am a nut for Parmesan cheese. I don't know if they sell this salad dressing at their counter among the t-shirts and other stuff, but they really need to. However, I'm sure the croutons (which might be made there) and cheese they use also are important factors on why this salad is so good overall! The only problem it can sometimes have is when they skimp on the dressing or the croutons (usually they do skimp on the croutons). However, though I can always do with more croutons, everything was delicious last night. Staff included, he he. Now THAT was a creeper thing to say. And I HATE the term "creeper", by the way. So overused, especially here in Austin. Right along with hipster. Even the hipsters derogatorily call people hipsters here. It's hilarious. But, on to the next course...

That looks amazing, don't it? Yeah, it really was. Cooked and seasoned to perfection. Not much else to say. And the chili is delicious too. When you choose the chili, they ask if you would like onions and cheese on top. I can only stand onions if they are cooked into something so well I don't notice their presence. Ironically, I LOVE Funyuns and sour cream and onion potato chips and dip. Don't look at me. As for the crackers, yeah, I never touch those. I really hate those kinds of crackers. I'm a spoiled little Ritz boy.

Now, I usually don't take home leftovers. This time though, since I decided I would write a review for the site, I went ahead and ordered a dessert. I never do that at Texas Roadhouse. Usually too stuffed. But, I did, so I boxed up half my steak and a couple of rolls. Maybe I also just wanted to linger a bit more, because there was plenty to look at...

Not my waitress, but I truly fell in love with the one above who kept passing by, and she did deliver my dessert (a bit uncomfortably, as she surprised me while chewing, ha). Face of a goddess though. You cannot, I repeat, cannot tell from this weak photo. I'm a face guy more than anything, so trust me on this. We're talking Princess Andromeda from the original "Clash of the Titans" gorgeous.

That's about the height of gorgeousness. You can look different but equally gorgeous, but there is no such thing as MORE gorgeous. Except, well... someone I used to know.

As I mentioned before though, the lovely server a bit above, whom I privately worshiped, did bring my dessert choice by, which was pretty standard, a brownie a la mode. One thing about the roadhouse is that it is one of those places with only about three really standard desserts. I believe it was cheesecake, some sort of apple cobbler selection, and the typical brownie a la mode. I enjoy all of those, but often I am craving chocolate, and I LOVE brownies, so even though I had this recently at Chili's, I decided to have it again here.

Now, I will ease up on my praise just a bit to say that this dessert was okay, but I preferred the same item at Chili's. Hard to describe exactly. This was adequate, but the brownie over there tasted better. For me, the closest you can get to a home-baked brownie from a Duncan Hines box, the better, and I have had some darn good "from scratch" ones too. This one didn't taste like either. Again, not terrible, but not the best. The ice cream was melty too. Understandable, but moreso than at Chili's.

Yes, I also like to eat at Chili's. I will try not to review it, since I DO wanna focus on Austin-based places. Chili's is more affordable, but overall, I prefer a trip to the Roadhouse. I mean, going by my usuals, we're talking Rib-Eye vs. Chicken Nachos. I do LOVE those Chili's Chicken Nachos, don't get me wrong. In the brownie a la mode category though, I definitely have to give the win to Chili's. Still, I reiterate, this was fine, but I wish I'd ordered the apple dish instead. I love cheesecake, but it can depend on my mood and the cheesecake itself. Sometimes it can be an unpleasant experience (even some cheesecakes I really like, like Chik Fil-A's, can get stuck in my neck sometimes with their thickness, and there always needs to be some sort of syrup to break it up, be it chocolate or strawberry).

Now, overall, this was a very pleasant experience, as usual at this Texas Roadhouse. The food was excellent (yeah, their brownie isn't the best, but not bad at any rate), and my waitress, Bri, was a super attentive and speedy sweetheart, and like most of their employees and consistently even some of their clientele, drop-dead gorgeous. Unfortunately, they didn't do the line-dancing that I SOMETIMES have seen them do, so I couldn't get a great picture of that for ya, but trust me, if you're looking for a delicious meal and beautiful hostesses and servers some evening, come over to the Austin N. 183 Texas Roadhouse, and leave a big tip! I highly recommend it!

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