Wednesday, November 20, 2013

OMG, They Finally Made My Dream-Burger!

Yep, I can go inside, order this up, it has everything I want, and I don't have to ask them to "hold" anything!

Now, I said I wasn't going to be doing reviews of non-Austin-based Fast Food places, and I'm still sticking with that for now, but as you may have noticed, I AM reviewing individual products from wherever the heck I want, as always, and this is sooo worthy of being shared with you guys. THIS is my ultimate burger: The Bacon Portabella Melt on Brioche

So, I was, ironically, at the gym a few days back, when I caught one of those Wendy's commercials with that hot in a goofy way redhead hocking this new, limited time only (WHYYYY???!!!!) number. Bacon, cheese, mushrooms, meat and bread. That's it? PERFECT. I'm there! Man, nothing ruins a burger for me like lettuce and pickles, tomatoes and mayonaise, mustard and onions, ketchup and jalapenos, and barbecue sauce, and french fries, and whatever else you try to put in there. Lay's Sour Cream and Onion potato chips though, those are awesome on a burger. 

 Anyway, naturally, I had to give this baby a try. I needed my answer to the McRib, and I found it. If only I could get the guarantee that THIS baby would be coming back every holiday season! Soooo amazing! Not to keep giving spoilers!

So, anyway, here we go. Went into a Wendy's up here on West Braker Lane today. Went through a rigmarole of, "Small, medium or large combo?" Medium. "Single, double or triple burger?" Double. Figured I'd go middle ground with everything. Triple sounds insane, and single makes me wary of feeling ripped off since it's expensive to start with. And, well, this is what I got...

That's a lot of red. Now, for starters, this meal was almost 10 bucks. No meal at a fast food joint consisting of burger, fries and a soda should cost almost ten bucks. However, I have been encountering this everywhere lately. This might have been as close as I've come to the ten dollar point though. It was actually 9.41 after taxes. For that much, it should come with a makeout session with that redhead from the commercials for dessert. 

And, for the record, despite the idea you might get from this site, I don't eat Fast Food that often. I'm pretty good in the kitchen (well, better than you, probably, unless you're a pro, in which case I take it back), and I spend most of my money at the Alamo Drafthouse, where I can get kickass pizza and watch a kickass movie at the same time. Anywho, sometimes I see something I wanna try, and usually it's something that will probably kill me.

Now, what struck my first about this burger when I unveiled it: It actually looked like it does in the ads! Amazing!

Yep, aside from the cracks in the bun, this burger was pretty impressively similar to the photos. Far moreso in person, in fact, than in this photo, which is shot from a different angle because of the box, and I didn't wanna take it out of the box and get my phone all greasy and so on and so on, but now I wish I had. Really, it was pretty impressive! Oddly enough, I have seen video reviews on this sandwich in which the bread looked like a regular ol' bun and the overall item didn't look nearly as good as this (even to the point of just being wrapped in paper instead of in a nice, protective box). Well, maybe it just depends on the Wendy's you hit. Clearly, I was at a good one!

Okay, brace yourself. The next picture is not pretty, but you aren't really supposed to see it like this. I just wanted you to see the three slices of hickory smoked bacon, the portabella mushrooms, and the cheddar cheese sauce. Trust me, it is ultimate deliciousness. Basically, you got your bottom bun, you got your slice of cheese, you got your beef patty, you got another slice of cheese, and then, if you have a double or triple, add another beef patty and another slice of cheese accordingly. On top of that, ya got your 3 strips of bacon followed by your mushrooms and cheese sauce. Cap it off with the top bun, and there it is. It is everything I ever wanted in a burger: beef, cheese, bacon, mushrooms, and cheese sauce. That's all I want and that's everything I want (in a burger). Seriously, just give me a frosty and the redhead from the commercial and I am good to go!

So, clearly, I'm going on record saying I loved this burger. It was delicious! And, speaking of Wendy's Frosties as I was, here's the one they gave me when I showed them my 2013 Frosty tag! Kudos to this particular Wendy's! Everything they make looks photo-ready! Ha. 

Yeah, before I end this up, let my say that this Frosty tag is a great deal, and if they offer them for 2014 in your area, you really should grab one! I seem to remember it being only like a buck! It pays for itself on the first use! You get a free Frosty Jr. (which is really the perfect size) every time you show it! I don't know if you have to purchase something or not, but I always do, ha. As I said, I don't get fast food THAT often, but whenever I go to Wendy's, boom, free Frosty, and that's pretty sweet! The advertisement we got said it was good all over Texas, but I know they sell them in other states. Don't know if all states sell them, and don't know if I can use mine if I am in a different state that also accepts them, but probably so. Anyway, there's nothing to lose really. It's a buck!

Okay, that's all for now, gang! Get out there and try one of these portabella bad boys, but not too many, ha, and I'll see you next time! Keep your eyes open for more articles and more Moonlight Motel comics! Plus, more Crush of the Week girls! And remember, you can leave comments on any of these articles. You can follow Moonlight Motel Comic Strip on Facebook (also NathanLeeJames on Instagram) too! And click on the lone ad on the side if you get the chance. It helps support the site. More and better merchandise to come for our merchandise section in the future too (which is even more helpful), as well as, hopefully, a return to video format for some of our reviews and the Moonlight Movie Show too! Lots of things we hope to do in the future! Hoping to get more stuff posted between now and Thanksgiving as well, as tricky as that sometimes can be. Now, I will have to be offline for the second week of December, and I'll explain more on that later, but hopefully I'll have something special to blog about when I get back. That's still a bit away though, so don't stop checking back in on us for now!


  1. I don't know what's more aesthetically pleasing, that burger or Morgan Smith Goodwin. I may not be Wendy's biggest fan, but when it comes to fast food mascots, they reign supreme. I mean what's her competition? The creepy BK King? Or Ol' Ronald McDonald? I've always thought she was mega-attractive ever since she made her debut in the commercials. But anyways, I seem to recall trying this burger before. If it's not a new item, and it was offered before, I do believe I tried it. I can't remember my opinion on it, but your review makes me want to give it another shot. I don't know if it's bad luck or what, but the two Wendy's located closest to me really stink. Their fries are always limp and soggy, and their burgers are usually lukewarm at best. I might have to venture out a little farther to a Wendy's of more repute. I bought one of those Frosty tags at the beginning of this year, but then I lost it (Doh!) and never purchased another. Have you ever dipped any of your fries in your Frosty? I have been known to do the "dunk" as they say, and have to admit, the combination of salty fried potato and sweet chocolately goodness is pretty appetizing. And while I'm here, do you remember Wendy's Chicken Cordon Bleu sandwich? It's another limited time offering (damn them!), but they rarely seem to bring it out. That's one sandwich that would make me a Wendy's regular. Or if one of my local Wendy's had Morgan live in person. Then I'd be there in a heartbeat haha.

    1. I have to admit, Ryan, the more I see Morgan Smith Goodwin, the more into her I am, ha. Theoretically, she's exactly my type, actually. She just pushes into the "Willow from Buffy" look a bit too much for me. As I said though, definitely getting over that, ha. Sadly for us, she is already married. Seems like that's the case with most of my crushes anymore, except the ones who would think I am a geezer for being over 30, ha (okay, pushing 40). I really think that if you have never been with anybody and look ten years younger than you are, you should be given a pass on that... Anywho, if I was to pick a fave Fast Food mascot based on hotness though, I have seen this Japanese McDonald's girl that would win out. Though, I don't know if it's legit or just some sort of fan thing, or what! She's insanely hot though.

      Incidentally, yeah, I think I did read they had this burger before, but without the bacon. I had even tried it before myself. Without the bacon though, I think it would surely have been lacking something! And I think that's the way I originally felt about it.

      As for your luck with Wendy's, yeah, you definitely should try a different one, and get this sandwich if you can! I have seen video reviews on this sandwich where it doesn't even look like they got the right bun, like maybe they went to a bad Wendy's or something. Certainly, I have noticed in Fast Food that it DOES matter which restaurant you visit. Also, though I don't eat there SUPER often, I have managed to get my money's worth from the Frosty tag I bot many times over. I definitely will get another one next year.

      Oh, yes, I LOVED the Chicken Cordon Bleu! I wonder if it will ever come back! Chicken cordon bleu, real chicken cordon bleu, is actually my favorite dish when I make it myself! Chicken Parmesan comes pretty close though! And then Chicken with fettucini alfredo, ha. But, yeah, that sandwich was fantastic, and I've been known to make a home version from time to time too, ha.

      Nope, not a fry/frosty dipper. Gotta say, the I find the idea pretty unappetizing. But, I'm one of those guys who doesn't like his food to mix on his plate, either, ha. Though I do mix/dunk SOME stuff.

    2. Okay, I just researched that female Ronald McDonald. First, what one commonly sees when searching is a Japanese commercial with a female Ronald McDonald. Not the one I was talking about. It APPEARS the one I was talking about is only a cosplay that has been done by some professionals. It is basically a Japanese Anime schoolgirl inspired Ronald McDonald outfit, the girl herself having red hair like Ronald's and in pigtails, and with a dress clearly inspired by his jumpsuit, and possible not wearing makeup, I'm not sure. I've seen a toy of this, which is why I thought it was real. I assume the toy was a fan creation too. Who really knows though, as this was a Japanese thing.

      Speaking of McD's, someone asked me about their cookies. Was that you, Ryan? I don't remember if I ever answered. It was probably on Facebook. Well, I totally LOVE and MISS the McDonaldland cookies! Their chocolate chip cookies were unique and good too, but I really miss those delicious McDonaldland ones! I have asked before if they still have them, but they always say no. So sad! I have heard some special McDonald's restaurants have them though, but maybe not now. I want some again! On Halloween, they would give out little 3 packs in plastic, as opposed to the cardboard boxes full of them. They sometimes put those in the happy meals too, I think! The Barnum Animal Crackers by Nabisco have a similar taste, but not quite as strong.

  2. I totally get what you're saying in regards to girls already being married or committed to a relationship. It seems like there's more single guys out there than there are single females. Talk about an unfair imbalance haha. In regards to that female Ronald McDonald, I definitely remember seeing a picture of her before. I believe it was you who posted a photo of the toy on Facebook.

    I've been trying new menu items at McDonalds as of late, and I have been consistently impressed by what I've tried. Their new value menu McChicken and McDouble variants are actually pretty tasty! The Bacon Cheddar McChicken is especially good, although the $2 price tag feels a little steep for a supposed "value" sandwich. It's still a really chicken sandwich though, and one that I'll probably pick up from time to time. Just yesterday I tried their new Egg Nog milkshake and found it to be another worthy addition to the menu. I love non-alcoholic egg nog this time of year, and I thought McDonald's did a great job of transplacing that creamy, nutmeg infused flavor into a milkshake.

    About the McDonald's cookie, I believe it was me who asked you about them. I remember stating my favoritism towards the sugar cookies they offered. I do remember the animal crackers you're talking about? Were they shaped like Ronald McDonald's head? If so, then yeah, they were pretty awesome! I completely forgot about them until you mentioned 'em.

    1. So, sadly, I went back to look for more on that female Ronald McDonald, and I don't know where that toy came from, because it seems the female Ronald is actually just a fan-cosplay kind of deal. Though, they did have a weird commercial once that featured a female with a similar look to Ronald, but it was not anything I had seen before, and definitely not the cutesy, Japanese Anime Schoolgirl looking version I was so enamored with. Too bad. They should really get on that.

      Man, I was so frustrated this past holiday season, when we were having this discussion, because I went looking for that eggnog milkshake and was just told that McDonald's did not serve milkshakes! Must have just went to the wrong McDonald's, since I only checked one really. It was on a night I was with family, and we all were in the mood for something like that. Really wanted to try that Eggnog shake!

      Yes, yes! The animal cracker type McDonaldland cookies were shaped is Ronald's head, as well as Birdie and Grimace, and probably Fry Guys and Hamburglar, and maybe even Mayor McCheese! Hard to remember exactly. They were so delicious! Would love to have some of those again! They also had little chocolate chip cookies as another option, which were Famous Amos-like in the way they looked and all, and those were also very good!