Sunday, January 26, 2014

Monty's Crush of the Week

Sorry I didn't get around to posting a crush last week, but I'm REALLY about to make it up to you now...

Yuko Ogura
(Japanese model and gravure idol)

If you've picked your jaw up off the floor by now, let me introduce you to Yuko Ogura. Yuko is a model and gravure idol from Japan. She's done other stuff too, for example, she is the singer of the pop song from the end credits of the anime "School Rumble". Unfortunately for all us single guys, she is a wife and mom now. Yeah, I know, I'm crying too. 

Anyways, I'm probably just gonna post a bunch of pics of her right now, because, frankly, she has a ton of GORGEOUS pics. A TON. This is just going to be a tiny sampling. As you know, I usually only post one pic of the Crush of the Week. On rare occasions, I'll post two or three for various reasons. The thing about Yuko though, she began her career like most beautiful female celebs in Japan, as a gravure idol. This basically means a pinup girl for men's magazines, DVDs and such. Since they aren't nudes, our closest modern equivalent here would be a swimsuit model or Victoria's Secret model. As a result, I gotta tell ya, settling on just a couple of pics would have been impossible. It was hard enough with Tomia, the Korean cosplayer I'd be married to right now if I controlled the universe. But, Tomia's pics weren't 95 percent bikinis and lingerie! So, in this case, well, enjoy the following. I whittled it down to as few as possible. Crush of the week is supposed to be a pretty short post...  

Yeah, that is one amazing face. AMAZING.

Ya know, I'm usually not a fan of feet. The exception is when they're like this girl's feet. Then, I'm a big fan!

 And this one is just for me, because, god, you KNOW this is my FAVORITE hair style!

Gotta say, lovin' this girl more every time I go over these pics! Crushin' on her almost as much as on Tomia!

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