Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Moonlight Movie Reviews - Anchorman 2

Okay, I know, I know, this movie came out LAST YEAR. Well, it's still in theaters, or at least it was last week, and I just made it out to see it last Friday, so I'm gonna give my two cents on it, because I haven't seen anything else for a while...

Yes, Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues. Not to be confused with Boggy Creek 2: And the Legend Continues. Though I have always likened Will Ferrell to Sasquatch for some reason. Anyway, how to describe this film. Well, it's funny, and does it really need to be anything else?

Anchorman 2 picks up some years after the first film, with Ron Burgandy and his wife, Veronica, both network news anchors at the same place, and parents to a small boy. When Veronica gets promoted to nightly news anchor and Ron gets fired, he leaves his family in a jealous rage and falls upon hard times. Things turn around for him though, when Ron is hired to work for the first 24 hour news network, GNN. He reassembles his news team, Champ Kind, Brian Fantana, and Brick Tamland, and the group go to work making the crazy idea of 24 hour news a huge hit with the public. A lot of stuff happens from then on out. Ron scuffles with and then ends up dating his gorgeous, black, female boss, played by Meagan Good, while Brick finds his own love in a girl equally as mentally challenged as himself. There's some major confrontation with the network's star anchor, Jack Lime (James Marsden), and perhaps most importantly, Ron is constantly trying to deal with the family he's left behind, especially trying to be something of a father to his small son, Walter. Eventually, an accident causes Ron to go blind (and raise a shark), which really changes things for Ron and everyone in his life. But, of course, spoiler alert, everything works out for the old Channel 4 News Team in the end.

"Anchorman 2" is a lot of random, bizarre, funny stuff. It is NOT as great a film as the first, but it is still a very funny movie. Everyone is back in perfect form, though you might wish some of the other characters had a little more to do, like always funny Paul Rudd as Brian Fantana (he certainly has his moments in this though). All the major players from the first film return, if briefly in some cases, and though the events this time around get really weird, it's mostly the same kind of funny, and it even revisits some of the best moments, like with a news team battle more extreme than the last! This time, Brick has a gun from the future and Harrison Ford is a were-hyena! That just made my day! I mean, a werewolf would have been better, but not as funny I guess, ha. Jim Carrey even showed up, and there was a minotaur! I think Brick killed a guy! Anyways, like I said, everything worked out in the end, and while it was not as story driven as the first (making way for more random humor), and while it did, for some reason, feel a bit lower budget than the first (aside from the cast), well, it was still a damn good time! If you were a fan of the first, I think you'll still enjoy this one a lot. It won't top the first film, but it's a fun return to the characters and a look at what happened to them years after we last saw them. Anchorman 2 is definitely worth checking out.  

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