Sunday, January 26, 2014

R.I.P. Justin Carmical, 1971 - 2013

Also known as JewWario on his webshow and all over the internet, Justin Carmical passed away on the 23rd of this month by his own hand. If you are not aware of Justin, he was a major member of that popular group of comedic web reviewers known as "Channel Awesome". Like many internet loving folks, I often stop into to check out some of the videos there. While I didn't watch Justin's videos in particular (there are many critics there who each review their own thing, I lean towards the film reviews), I did see his performances in the annual movies the channel would do, and I gotta say, the guy was a great talent! I also have both heard and seen for myself what a kind and loving person Justin Carmical was. I would reference you to one video in particular I saw on YouTube this morning that would leave a definite and powerful impression on anyone, but it has since been removed. No doubt though, this was a huge and tragic loss to the internet community and especially all those who knew him personally. Our hearts go out to his family and friends. Here is a link to the farewell post on ThatGuywiththeGlasses: A Farewell to Justin Carmical  

Wherever you are now, JewWario, we wish you well, and you will be greatly missed.

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