Saturday, February 8, 2014

Monty's Crush of the Week

This may be a bit late, since the week it's meant for is basically over, but I'm gonna squeeze it in here anyway and give you another before the new week comes to an end...

Monty's latest crush of the week...

Gracie Gold
(U.S. Olympic Figure Skater)

Okay, it's no secret, I'm not a sports fan. However, I WILL sometimes watch bits of the Olympics. Even I can actually care who wins when it's my country competing, and besides that, there are always a few athlete-type hotties, especially in the Winter Olympics. And, a big reason for that is Ice Skating. Ice Skating is special, in fact, because the female athletes usually do indeed look VERY female, and I totally dig that. Plus, their outfits are just so pixie-like and sexy. There's really nothing not to like about female figure skating, and though I don't get to watch the Olympics myself this year (no cable, just Netflix, Blu-Rays, DVDs, YouTube...), at least not without having to find it in pieces online, a few Olympians have managed to get my attention already, one of the main ones being Figure Skater Gracie Gold. I can't say I know much about her, but I can say... well, just LOOK!


Anyone who sees these pics and still thinks watching figure skating isn't for straight guys needs to have his head, or, er, maybe something else, examined! Damn, the girl looks especially good in black, eh? Yeah, sometimes I CAN enjoy watching sports. This is one of those times. So, go team, go! And dibs on the Gold!

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