Monday, February 10, 2014

Monty's Crush of the Week

Yuna Kim
(South Korean Olympic Figure Skater)

As the Olympics continue, I thought I'd choose one more dreamgirl from those competing this year to pay homage to. I'm sure there are many worth mentioning, of course, but without cable television, not to mention my not being a sports person in general, my knowledge of everyone participating is very limited. Luckily, there are still a couple of athletes so lovely that even I get wind of them. We're looking at another such beauty tonight. And, yes, it's another figure skater. What can I say? It really IS the BEST sport for keeping girls looking like girls. Perhaps even enhancing their feminine loveliness.

Just look at that elegance and star quality, too! Wow. Not surprising that this week's Olympian crush, South Korea's Yuna Kim, does a heck of a lot of modeling too! But then, there is just something about South Korean girls. Truly, they are some of the most beautiful women that could ever possibly even exist! 

That's a touchy subject for me these days though, what with a certain someone still burning a hole in my heart and all, and it's also a bit annoying that people think I am only into Asian girls these days. In fact, I have friends who are getting the idea that's the only prerequisite for finding someone to fix me up with. Not that anyone has ever fixed me up with anyone before, they just talk about it a lot. But the fact is (and yes, I AM going to make this about ME for a little bit here), I still obsess over plenty of non-Asian women, as they'd see if they visited my Crush of the Week section now and then. And, more importantly, I am still pretty choosy, even among that type. I do seem to find though, that more often than not, the ones I'm most bowled over by do have a tendency to be South Korean, like Yuna here (an exception would be recent Japanese crush Yuko Ogura, whom I was VERY bowled over by).

Talking about WHY I adore South Korean women so much lately though, I refer you to the photo of Yuna below. Yuna is gorgeous, though she is not the number one most gorgeous Korean woman I've ever seen. There are some so cute and perfect (and cuteness tends to be what I define as perfect) it is pretty hard to believe they are even real. But, there is more to being pretty than just your natural luck, and that doesn't have to be a ton of makeup or anything like that. I could fall in love with the girl in the pic below in a heartbeat, and sometimes it's little things that can send you over the edge. That bow in her hair in the pic below, god, I LOVE that! I'll be honest, the love of my life wore those all the time too, with pigtails no less. But, it's just this South Korean thing that they REALLY know how to be pretty over there! I mean, they're the prettiness experts! A large number of the women here seem to have completely the wrong idea!

But, enough about that, let's focus specifically on Yuna and why SHE is so amazing. Admittedly, I'm not an expert on her, but even in these stills you can see the girl is loaded with talent and passion for the sport she excels at.

And she sure looks gorgeous doing it!

But, speaking of gorgeous, take a look at some of her advertisement work. Also good examples of that cuteness equals sexy factor that Asian women seem to understand better than anyone, especially in South Korea and Japan!

And look below! Those legs! Oh, wow, tell me Ice Skating is not the perfect sport for the feminine gender. Great shades of Elvis, that cereal advertisement is making me sooo... Up!

I even like her in the shorter hair! Wow! This is an athlete? I'd swear she was a model or actress or something. Though, I guess she's that stuff too.

So, while you folks are cheering on your respective countries at the Olympics this year, go ahead, secretly cheer for Yuna here too. I know you want to. Jeez, I can't stop lookin' at that cereal ad, myself!

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