Friday, February 21, 2014

Monty's Crush of the Week

Direct from Canada, where I'm discovering there are a heck of a lot of hotties...

Katharine Isabelle
(Madison, Married to a Stranger, Voyage of Terror, Disturbing Behavior, TheGinger Snaps Trilogy,
Turning Paige, Bones, Shot in the Face, Spooky House, Insomnia, Due East, The Secret Life of Zoey, Carrie {TV}, Freddy vs. Jason, Falling Angels, On the Corner, The Last Casino, The Life, Show Me, Earthsea, Rapid Fire, Ogre, The Englishman's Boy, Another Cinderella Story, Mail Order Bride,
Killer Hair, Beyond Sherwood Forest, Sins of the Mother, Frankie and Alice, Hard Ride to Hell,
30 Days of Night: Dark Days, Vampire, Endgame, American Mary, The Movie Out Here, Random
Acts of Romance, Goodnight for Justice: Queen of Hearts, Victims, Eve of Destruction, 13 Eerie, Cinemanovels, Lawrence and Holloman, Torment, Being Human, ...and, seriously, lots more...)

Katharine Isabelle is perhaps best known for her role as one of the two werewolf sisters in the "Ginger Snaps" film series. The first one came out in 2000, and it was all the rage among werewolf movie fans for a handful of reasons. One being that there were far fewer werewolf movies at the time than there are now, and most were considered... not too good. Ginger Snaps definitely did its own thing with that subgenre. It was a bit emo though, if I'm remembering correctly, and I could be very wrong since I haven't seen it in forever. This is largely because there's a scene where a guy pees blood, and there are few things I have a harder time watching in a film. It also makes watching "Night Flyer" difficult for me, though that's a good movie too, if I remember correctly. Anyway, Katharine was unquestionably another of the big reasons for the popularity of Ginger Snaps, which has so far had a sequel and a prequel (gonna finally get this film series once it's out on Blu). She was something of an instant Scream Queen thanks to Ginger Snaps, for reasons you can clearly see here...

It did take me a bit longer to fully warm up to Katharine though. I can't say exactly why. But I can say this, and this is coming from a guy who hardly ever is in awe of a woman over 30 (say I have issues, whatever, I know; it's mostly because I didn't get to date in my teens and 20's, so I don't have that out of my system yet; very hard to jump right into 30-somethings; near impossible really), she's turned up on one of my favorite shows recently, Syfy Channel's U.S. version of "Being Human", and I can seriously say she looks better than I've ever thought she looked before! Totally stunning! Extremely talented too!

So, if you haven't had a taste of Katharine Isabelle, tune in to Syfy on Monday nights and give "Being Human" a watch. You'll be glad you did. Sure, she plays a vampire this time around, but she looks a lot better than she did as a "Ginger Snaps" style werewolf. That's another thing I remember about that series, ha, being a werewolf did not improve your looks one bit! I haven't seen much of her tons of other work (aside from Freddy vs. Jason), but on "Being Human" she is an absolute goddess! 

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