Monday, February 10, 2014

School Pizza Search Follow-Up!

Took another try with this whole French Bread School Pizza search last week, guys. Here's what happened and how it played out.

My friend Eric Heard, of Austin Indie band "The Heard Theorem", recently spotted a possible candidate in a local vending machine and was good enough to send me this pic:

Pierre's Pizza Parlor, huh? Okay, this is the first French bread pizza I've seen with the little, square pepperoni, which is accurate to what I'm looking for. I've never heard of the Pierre brand, and it looks pretty generic. Plus, this vending machine also carries Tony's rectangular pizzas, which are the type of pizza kids in other areas grew up eating in school cafeterias. So, there was a lot of reason here to think this might be the pizza I was looking for! Naturally, I acquired a sample as quickly as possible!

There it is frozen. Looks fine, I guess. Nothing significant noticed yet, except that it seems to be more bready than I recall.

This is exciting! Let's cook it up!

And, there it is! Pierre's Pizza Parlor French bread pizza! It looks okay, but not really like school pizza. Too much bread, needs more cheese. But, how does it taste?

Nope. That ain't it either.

Oh well, we're getting closer.

Anyone else got any likely candidates? Let me know! No matter the outcome, it's very much appreciated! If I don't get anymore leads, I may have to call the schools in my hometown for some info! But then I'll feel like a total creeper. At any rate, the search continues!

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