Sunday, March 30, 2014

Monty's Crush of the Week

Well, my apologies that we've had a Crush of the Week hiatus lately! It was purely due to just being overly busy, but here's a new one to satiate your constant thirst for new forms of female beauty. Sinner.

Emily Kinney
(Recording Artist and Actress from The Big C and The Walking Dead)

Ya know, I wasn't totally mad for Emily Kinney on Walking Dead right away. She plays Beth on the show, younger sister to Maggie, and I know Maggie has a huge following of fanboys herself. Personally, the only time I find Maggie attractive is when she's herself on Talking Dead, British accent and all, but on the show (and off), Beth is certainly more my type. Still, early on, I didn't find her character all that appealing, and she certainly has a unique look that I wasn't sure how I felt about at first.

Still, just as her character really seems to have grown on Daryl (ya never know what they'll do, but it certainly seems like things were getting romantic recently, and I like her for Daryl much more than Carol, but that's just me), she has grown on me as well the more we've gotten to know her, especially in her last few episodes, those Beth/Daryl episodes. And, c'mon, she is damn cute! You can't argue with the pic below. Plus, she's earned the reputation of The Walking Dead's resident Taylor Swift (yes, singing country tunes and all), which ain't a bad thing. I think on the show she is just always so dirty from fighting zombies or she has a bit more makeup on than I like when doing Talking Dead, but that pic below, wow. It's also nice to have learned that she's almost 30, at least in real-life, instead of not having a clue, as the show kept treating her character like she was 14 or something (I do think the character is closer to 19 or so though, which still works for me and Daryl). Anyway, Beth has disappeared under highly worrisome circumstances on The Walking Dead in recent episodes. Here's hoping tonight's Season 4 Finale will show us what's happened to her and will assure us that Emily will be returning for Season 5! 

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