Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Monty's Crush of the Week

So, I was watching "Big Bang Theory", and...

Yeah, there's no shortage of girls I wanna showcase on Monty's Crush of the Week,
but I had to get right on this one while fresh in my mind...

Laura Spencer
(Barking Water, The Familiar, Pearl, In the Land of Fireworks, Dylan Dog: Dead of Night,
Time Expired, Mangus, Redesigning Your Life with Lainey Chase, A Christmas Kiss, The
Millionaire Tour, Jan, Vanessa and Jan, My Funny Valentine, The Lydia Bennet, The Lizzie
Bennet Diaries, Switched At Birth, Avarice, Character, Silver Bells, The Big Bang Theory)

In researching her a bit for this, I've seen Laura Spencer referred to as having the best hair in the world, or something to that effect, and that is definitely a theory I can get behind. Wow.

These probably aren't even her best hair pictures, just some of the pics I liked best overall. I was torn on which to use for the first image, and between a few others as well, but I finally chiseled it down. Who knows if I bumped the right ones. They were all so gorgeous! 

 Now, if you don't know who Laura Spencer is, I can't hold it against you. I don't watch much TV myself, just follow a few shows with the help of the internet and other tools. In other words, I don't have TV, I have the net, I have Netflix, I have DVD and Blus, that's all. But I try not to be totally behind the times. One show I keep up with though, is "The Big Bang Theory", and probably my fave character on there these days is Raj. I guess I relate a lot to him. I'm the only single person I know too, ha. That would prefer not to be, I mean. And I also enjoy cooking and other arts and subject matter not always deemed manly over the more brutish stuff, even though I couldn't be gay if I tried. In fact, it's a struggle for me to think of anything other than attractive women (though, I am loyal to an almost absurd level when given the rare opportunity to be). But, where was I? Well, we're all hoping Raj finally finds a lady soon. In fact, I was really rooting for him to get back together with the dorky girl he had something going with a while back. The entire situation reminded me very much of my one almost romance. And now, it seems like it COULD be possible. BUT, there's a new player in the game who has turned up on an episode before, and again last week, and I believe is slated to appear again. That character is played by the gorgeous Laura Spencer...

Now, if I was Raj, I would devote all my focus on this sweet angel. After all, his other person of interest has burned him already. But, in truth, ha, I find it hard to believe he's going to be THIS lucky. It's definitely going to be interesting to see how things play out. I'll certainly be happy to see Raj finally get somebody! But then, I'll also be sad, because I'll be alone in my boat of loneliness. Oh, wait, there's always the comic book store guy to relate to. Glad they made him something of a regular!

Anyway, sorry for getting a bit sidetracked on the subject of Big Bang Theory, but yeah, good place to go to check out the goddess, Laura Spencer. She's been in a lot of other stuff too though. Of course, I don't have room to mention everything, but I do what I can. You'll notice I mentioned Dylan Dog. I definitely need to rewatch that one. I'm sure I noticed her the first time I saw it, but at this point I can't remember a thing about that movie other than how if you removed Dylan Dog from the plot, it would have played out the same way anyways, which kinda turned me off of it when all was said and done, ha. But, like I said, it's on Netflix so I should probably give it a rewatch. In truth, it's the kinda thing I'll end up adding to my Blu Ray collection at some point just because I like the subject matter, and especially now that I know Laura was in it. Anyway, signing off with a few more images of this amazing and charming beauty. Love this next pair especially. I freakin' love little bows in the hair like that... *sigh*...

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