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Monty's Crush of the Week

I realize this has practically become a bi-weekly crush post, but I'm fighting that as best I can. Under a lot of pressure from various sources right now, but I'm trying to stay on track with the site and still hoping to kick off a Christmas in July series of posts about my Disney World trip last December very soon. And, yes, there will be more comics! I swear! Ha.

Anyways, in gratitude for your patience, here's one of those wonderfully more offensive "Crush of the Week" girls we love so much, direct from the "adult" entertainment industry. As I've said before, I want to at least occasionally post crushes from sources other than just the latest blockbuster movies and hit TV shows. Like, literally from anywhere in the public eye. And, this young lady really caught my eye recently. Though, I'm sure I stumbled upon her work completely by accident... You know how the internet is...

Momoko Rima
(Adult Internet Model and Performer)

As is usually the case with most adult industry girls who aren't quite mainstream, especially ones like Momoko here who seem to be from the European side of the biz, there's not a lot of info I can give you on her beyond saying she appears to be only a couple years in (give or take), many folks think she is Asian, but sources (though they're not always trustworthy) indicate she's Russian (perhaps mixed, though I can see her being pure Russian), and she is mostly known for a site called WOWgirls, though not exclusively. I'd rather not name some of the other sites she's appeared on though, in trying to keep this post mostly inoffensive, ha, because some have very raunchy names. In many cases, with the pictures I'm sharing here, I've had to block those names out. So, for the record, no, I don't own any of these photos. Anyway, these are just fully presentable samples. Those who are interested should know how to find what they're looking for to see the, um, ha, really good stuff.

Now, the other thing I can say about Momoko, having seen more of her than I can show you here, is that this girl is really my idea of perfect in so many ways. Anatomical ways, at least. In her line of work, there's not much more you can know about her, especially since the types of films she's made so far are the kind that don't even involve acting. They are of a certain breed of adult web videos that attempt to be more artsy and intimate; as explicit as anything else, but without dialogue or fantasy scenarios, and more tastefully shot.

Sadly, since starting out, Momoko has taken on one tattoo on one side of her abdomen. I take a lot of heat for saying this, living in Austin, which must be among the most tattooed cities in the country, but I swear, when I see a picture of this girl before the tat and after the tat, it just brings a tear to my eye. Even as an illustrator myself, no man-made art compares to the beautiful, clean and clear skin of an amazing female like this. It should be a crime to draw permanent doodles all over such a previously flawless girl! I seem to be in a minority in feeling this way though. Admittedly, all my friends here have tattoos, and they're all great people, but I just don't like the look of tats. I'd rather see a girl's beautiful, creamy skin. Not a fan of most piercings either, ear and navel piercings being exceptions. But, back on topic, I just hope one tatoo doesn't turn to 3, and 5, and so on, and man, I hope she never gets breast implants. This girl truly has the most perfect blessings I've ever seen in that department, but it happens even then.

Okay, now, before I send you off with just a bunch more pictures of Momoko to ogle, a word on my position on the industry being discussed here to some degree. Let me say, and I may have said this before and may say it again every time I do a crush of the week from adult films or adult modeling, I have definitely taken some lashings for including this sort of thing on the site, even though my comic can get raunchy sometimes too (while other times it's equatable with Garfield), and even though this feature is really just about celebrating the beauty of human females wherever they be found. I've actually even lost very good (though usually faaar too right-wing for my current tastes) friends over the two or three times I've included adult industry girls in my Crush of the Week feature in the past, even though I've known them to be fellow fans of rather raunchy webcritic sites. Heck, the Cinema Snob actually reviews adult films on occasion, albeit the more bizarre, exploitative ones. But, bottom line, this is not something I do to support a specific industry you may or may not find acceptable. It's all about showcasing the girls that I find drop dead gorgeous, and often impressive in more ways than just that, mostly because, well, besides the fact that I just like talking about them and sharing their pics with you, mostly because I'm sick of the media telling me who the most beautiful women in the world are! No thank you, media! I will tell YOU who the most beautiful women in the world are! Thanks!  

That rant aside though, as for the industry itself, look, anytime you are strictly on one side of an issue or the other, you are probably not looking at the whole picture. Believe me, I used to be just like that. Everything was right vs. wrong, good vs. bad, black and white with no gray areas. That's not the reality of it. In the past ten years, my opinion has changed on nearly everything, because, even though MY opinion is more than ever the only one that matters to me when it comes to what I like and don't like, I do try to look at the bigger picture much more often. You take the porn industry for example. Here's what I've noticed. Most people who are dead set against it, aside from usually being very religious, are people who simply have no need for it. They're usually not the lonely guys who couldn't get a date to save their lives. They're usually, well, married people; often married since high school or college. They're usually people who have never had much trouble at all getting someone to cuddle up to, let alone everything else. Guess what? Some people never can find that, and for those of us, porn is there. It doesn't fill the void completely, but it does serve a purpose. Without it, many of us would spontaneously combust, and that's a scientific fact! Now, we can get into a big debate over exploitation issues and so forth in the industry, they certainly exist, but that fact remains, and so does another. There are and will always be women (and men) who get into this industry reluctantly, but there are, now more than ever, many women who get into the adult industry because they want to. There are many who love it. For them, what do you have besides a moral argument? And that's a very touchy thing indeed, because even morality itself is something that can be heavily debated.

Myself though, I won't deny, I find viewing adult material to be a mixed bag. I'm sure I've talked about this before, but unlike most guys, I would rather not watch this material unless I see a girl I really, REALLY find attractive. That's the same reason I don't date much. The girls I find really, REALLY attractive are never single. Heck, no girl I've met since junior high school has been single, not even the ugly ones, but I digress. And, while watching an adult video of a girl you find drop dead gorgeous is enjoyable, yeah, it also makes me sad. It's a real quizzybuck. I mean, while it's enjoyable to look at, you're looking at someone you'd kill to date yourself, and you'd treat like a princess if you did, yet you're watching them in most cases being, well, how can I put this, being treated like a human jungle gym, like a gymnast's pummel horse, at times, like a Christmas turkey. You don't know these girls, and already, you're upset for them. You keep saying, "Why is she doing this? She could be in major motion pictures!!!" Then, you realize they seem to REALLY be enjoying themselves. Then, you're just upset for yourself. And, well, that's how I view the porn industry. Quite simply, it's a mixed bag. For some of us, it's as close as we'll get to intimacy. It leaves us with mixed emotions, but it's also the only sexual outlet many of us have, while most of the people who are adamantly against it have never truly known that problem and are arguing the importance of some ancient moral code that most of them have fudged on more than a few times themselves and that has left many who followed it  loyally feeling lonely and unfulfilled.

But, enough about that! I'm not here to be a downer! Enjoy these hand-picked favorite pictures of Momoko Rima and tell me you wouldn't worship this girl if you ever met her! And these are actually the very few pictures I was able to find that I can even post, ha.  

Man, love the one above and the one below!

Brace yourself for this next one! Pure perfection!

Love her in that flower dress! So long for now!

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