Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Monty's Crush of the Week

Okay, my attempt to keep this feature "weekly" has been failing, but I will continue to try...

Now, for this week's crush, honestly, I can't believe I hadn't posted this girl already! 
Like, seriously, she should have been posted a LOOOOONG time ago!

Kim Possible

(Kim Possible, Kim Possible: A Stitch in Time, Kim Possible the Movie)

Of course, the reason she should have been posted in the very early days of this feature is because Kim Possible is one of the most crushable toon girls who ever existed! She is amazingly gorgeous! She's a cheerleader! She's a brilliant, teen superspy! She's, she's... well, she's freakin' amazing! I know I always list my top Disney girls as Ariel, Tink, and Rapunzel, but seriously, Kim is the next girl in line! Her and Belle when she has her hair down loose. And, yeah, there are times when I think I should promote her to the top group. It is hard for television animation to compete with feature animation though. But, yeah, she gives them a run for their money! Even with the super simplistic designs of Kim's show, the ladies (pick and choose the ones that suit your tastes; I crush on more than one, but Kim is my fave for sure) are very sexy, to be quite blunt, especially when they're in cheerleader mode. Gotta love their slim yet curvaceous designs and big, bright eyes, and I always loved their realistic cheerleader legs. And, though I've never had a thing for Kim's voice actress, I have to give her credit for having a gorgeous speaking voice. It's just one more thing that makes Kim a perfect dreamgirl. And, yeah, I can be finicky about voices. 

(I also have a thing for Bonnie, even if she IS a beeotch. I got a commission to draw her dressed as Lucy from Peanuts once, and the combination of Bonnie's looks in Lucy's dress made her remind me all too much of the one girl I truly loved who was lost to me; I also dig the blond standing just behind Kim there)

Now, I gotta tell ya, it was not easy finding pics to post here. Maybe it's because I don't have the family-friendly Safe Search on when I do an image search, but man, it seems like mostly what I get in a Kim Possible image search is a lot of porn. Made by fans, of course, not Disney. Some of it is insanely good though. That's the thing. There's a TON of Kim Possible fan art out there, both G rated and X rated, and everything inbetween, I suppose. I've even been commissioned at least 4 times to do Kim pieces myself, and some of the stuff out there is really hard to distinguish from actual, official Kim art and screen caps. I HOPE the pics I'm going to post here are all official. They probably aren't the best stuff, but they are all I could find tonight...

And, the famous pouty face....

Who could stand up against that? Oh, and check this out. Holy shnikey!

Yeah, Kim Possible is a knockout! And so much more. She is truly the whole package. I'll confess, I have mostly seen this show at random. I couldn't give a good, definitive explanation of the story arc of the whole series. I hope to remedy that in the future. I do own both movies though, and I hope to get the Disney Movie Club DVDs at some point, but there are other ways to watch the show in the meantime, thanks to the magic of the internet. 

Now, before I leave you for tonight, let me give you a couple more images to ponder. Ever heard of the hit 1984 film, "Angel"? It was pretty popular, though I was like 9, so I only got to watch it sneakily a little while later once it was getting TV airings. See, it was a thriller about a 15 year old prostitute and a prostitute hunting serial killer. I'll show you how this pertains to Kim in a minute. Here is the poster for the movie "Angel"...

Okay, now, get ready for this. Below is a bit of official promo art for Kim Possible. This was actually one of the Kim posters they used to sell at Toys R Us and Wal-Mart back in the day (wish so hard that I'd bought one; unless I did and forgot, which is possible, no pun intended).

So, yeah, um, I'm probably not the first to point this out, but that Angel poster was definitely an influence on this Kim poster. Or maybe it was the Angel VHS cover. The yellow/gold framing on the VHS cover make an even closer match. 

Okay, sorry about that. Hope it didn't cause you to go into a "you just raped my childhood" rant. Here's one more pic to drift off to dreamland with...

If you can't get enough Kim, check out the awesome fan-art the net is LOADED with, but be wary that it can hit every gamut of sexy. There's also some killer K.P. cosplay. *sigh*  Deviantart.com used to be a good source for both, and it probably still is (I really need to get more active there again). Man, I wish I'd been able to visit Disney World when they had her as a character greeting guests. Oh, well. Catch ya next time! By the way, my next post will probably be my first Christmas in July post about my Disney trip last December! If you're one of my fellow Disney nuts whose been waiting for that, it's on the way! It will surely be a multiple article feature though, and I'll try to load them with pics! Laters!

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