Tuesday, July 29, 2014

More Christmas in July! My December Disney World Experience! Part 2

Well, I'm back with more on my December Disney World trip, folks! For those of you wondering why this site has turned into a vacation blog, it's only temporary. The usual stuff will be mixed in as I do this, and when it's over, I plan to get crackin' with new Moonlight Motel comics! Yeah, for realz! But, for now...

 Let's see, I left off at the beginning of the evening on Day One. My mother, my sister and I were refreshed and leaving our Port Orleans hotel room for a ferry boat to Downtown Disney so we could catch the bus to Fort Wilderness. The Ferry was boarding just an extremely short walk from our building. We were staying Riverside, after all.


 From the ferry to the bus, to our own two feet, we eventually found ourselves at the Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground in front of Pioneer Hall, where we were scheduled to have dinner while viewing the extremely popular (and therefore, you gotta book it early and fast) "Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue".

Ya gotta love how everything is decked out for the holidays, huh? Even if it was sunny Florida all over.

Inside, we sat down at our designated table and a waitress took our drink orders.


Here's a look at the evening's menu, which is basically all you can eat. And, there's a reason this meal is wildly popular with Disney park-goers. I mean, all you can eat ribs and fried chicken? And it's SUPER GOOD too! Let me just give you the review right now: If you love chicken and barbecued ribs, you're gonna wanna hit this place! But, like I said, book it right away! 

After you're served up cornbread and salad, the ribs come in one bucket and the chicken in another. Finish it up and they'll bring ya more! You also get beans and mashed potatoes, and we received corn as well. I guess that was the "seasonal vegetables", ha. It's the perfect meal for the accompanying show, and it's sooo good! I'm not wild about the salad, I'll admit. I'm pretty finicky about salad and didn't care for any Disney World salad that comes to mind, but the rest of my party liked it, and everything else was fantastic!



Oh yes, and there was a DELICIOUS Strawberry Shortcake for dessert! This meal is a real winner for sure! One of the best we had on the trip! That won't be the last time I say that, but definitely some meals were better than others.

Now, how about that show? Well, I'll tell ya, it's corny, it's goofy, it's cheesy, but it's entertaining, energetic, and at times, really good! Plus, we saw the Christmas version, so that adds something very special to it. We were eager to see something like this, because both my sister and I are big fans of Wally Boag, who did... something similar over at the original Disneyland in California every day for years and years. He was a delightful living legend whom we never got to see in person; the inspiration to modern faves like Steve Martin, who I suppose must have been something of a mentor for him since I know Steve worked at Disneyland for a while, though maybe he just admired Wally from afar, I really don't know. But, yeah, the guy was brilliant, and though we can't go see him anymore, at least there's the Hoop-Dee-Doo, which has some similarities to that old Golden Horseshoe show, if a little more Branson-ish. I know it's probably too cheesy for some of you though. If you're unsure, well, just checkout some of the MANY videos of it on YouTube. But, let me tell ya, even if it's not your thing, you may want to reconsider for the amazing all-you-can-eat feast! Just be forewarned that some audience members do end up participating! But... it's unlikely to be you if you don't want it to.



We had a fantastic time with the show and meal. The evening wasn't without its stress, though. Our mom has suffered for years with an as yet undiagnosed esophagus condition that makes it difficult, sometimes impossible, for her to swallow food or even water when it flares up, which it does at the worst times. That night was one of those times, and she wasn't truly able to enjoy the meal and also missed out on the part of the show she would have enjoyed most (the really Christmassy part), and this tends to stress us out a lot as well when it happens. But, overall it was definitely a fun experience we'd love to do again, perhaps on all our future Disney World trips. 

From that point, we had to say a sad goodbye to the Pioneer Hall and move on to our next scheduled event.

Now, I really did want to finish up talking about Day One in two parts since we didn't even go to a park that day, but I think, since I"m out of time for tonight, I'll save the Chip 'n' Dale Campfire Sing-Along and the rest of the evening for next time. That will definitely be the end of Day One, and by part 4, we'll be getting into the parks. Of course, I won't be able to call this Christmas in July by then. Christmas in August, I suppose, ha! See ya then!

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