Wednesday, July 30, 2014

My December Disney Trip, Part 3: The End of Day One!

Okay, folks, ready to wrap up Day One with me? I'll probably try to make this quick. It's past my work-night-bedtime, and my fish hate it when I keep the light on really late.

Anyway, another quick disclaimer: Yes, I'm forcing you to look at my vacation photos, but we'll keep sticking in your regularly scheduled programming of movie and food reviews, fun articles and promises of new comic strips soon to come, and if you hate vacation blogging, don't worry, it'll all be over soon. This is for my fellow Disney fanatics. It was my first Disney trip in 10 years, so I gotta talk about it! Heck, a year between trips is long enough!

Now, when we last left off, we had one more scheduled excursion left on our first day of arriving in Florida, and that was "Chip 'n' Dale's Campfire Sing-Along". This was our day for doing a few activities outside of the park, but still at the Disney resorts. There's so much to do at the resorts without even visiting the parks, and that sort of thing was a first for us. Staying at the resorts was a first for us. We had already made our way from our own resort, Port Orleans Riverside, to the Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground for dinner at the Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue, and now it was just a short walk to the campfire location. What we discovered along the way though, was quite a welcome sight!

Yes, if you know your Disney movies, this should look familiar! On our way to the campfire site was Doc Terminus's wagon from one of my favorite Disney movies, "Pete's Dragon"! Scratch that one off my to-do list! I wanted very much to see this in person and get a picture of it! Yes, I took a picture next to it too, but this one came out better. It was a bit dark, so hopefully someday I'll get a chance at a daytime pic standing next to the wagon. Anyway, still very cool! One of my all-time favorite Disney characters. Keep in mind, I'm not saying this was the same wagon used in the movie, ha, but it's just a thrill to see classic Disney live-action features referenced at the parks and resorts. As a hardcore Disney fan who even loves the less-known, oldschool live-action stuff like Bullwhip Griffin and Toby Tyler, things like this give me a special, geeky thrill! And, what's this on the side...

Yep, looks like we were almost there! Just up a path, we found a nice little area of campfire setups, audience benches, a chuckwagon for buying snacks... This was the location of Chip 'n' Dale's Campfire Sing-A-Long, a FREE event at Disney's Fort Wilderness that doesn't require reservations! At the Sing-A-Long, you can pick up some snacks, marshmallows and roasting sticks, or S'mores kits at the chuckwagon, melt 'em down over one of the campfires, and sit back and enjoy a fun sing-along with Chip 'n' Dale and their musical cowboy friend who hosts the show with his trusty guitar. During the sing-along, Chip 'n' Dale make the rounds greeting and taking photos with guests, and after the show, you can stick around for a movie screening of a Disney classic!

While a team of Disney cast members got the firepits going, the first thing we did was pick up one of those S'mores packets. Now, those aren't cheap, let me tell ya (9.50 or so), but hey, making S'mores by the campfire was another first for me.

My ultimate opinion of S'mores though, having finally tried the authentic, real-thing, is that they're a bit overly sweet for me, ha. Maybe if I'd had a glass of milk. I love all three ingredients, but boy, put them all together, and we're talking major sugar overload, ha. I'd do it again though.

After enjoying our S'mores, we found a good spot among the benches to sing-along with Chip 'n' Dale and friend. It was loads of fun. My sister and I can get pretty vocal in those situations, especially when no one else is participating well enough for our liking, ha. We helped get it going though. Now, I can't remember what songs were sung that night anymore, but most likely it was the traditional campfire stuff, plus some Disney probably, like Davy Crockett or something. Again, just guessing, because this was back in December, and I've forgotten by now. Hey, we already went over why I didn't write these articles sooner, and I'm sorry, okay! Pipe down and enjoy these photos...


Yep, the campfire, S'mores and singing was a lot of fun. Highly recommended to all who visit the Disney resorts. We didn't stick around for the movie screening though. We had to head back towards Pioneer Hall and the nearby general store to wait for our turn on a horse and buggy ride through the campgrounds. 

This was another of those pricey, book it far in advance sorta things, but really enjoyable, especially during the holiday season. The people who stay on the campgrounds in their motor homes have a tradition of decorating elaborately for the holidays. Now, either we couldn't get any photos of these lovely sights to come out well enough in the dark or we just didn't take any, I forget. All I know is I don't have any, ha, but here's one of all of us in the buggy, anyway...

The ride was wonderful and the driver was extremely sweet, like the majority of Cast Members at the Disney Resort and Theme Parks who often go out of their way to give you a special experience. After the buggy ride, we hopped a Disney bus back to our resort, ready for a night's rest. 

The lobby at Port Orleans Riverside sure looked nice and peaceful late at night though.

That was the end of our first day back at Disney World after 10 years, and our first day ever simply enjoying a taste of what the resorts have to offer. I gotta say, we're pretty hooked on Disney Resorts now. But, of course, the real reason for traveling to Disney is the parks! And, on Day 2, we naturally made our first park The Magic Kingdom! But, I'll get into that in Part 4! T.T.F.N.!

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