Thursday, September 11, 2014

They're Baaaa-aaaack! And so is Halloween!

Monster Cereals are back at Target
and Halloween Express has opened up! 
Yes! The spooky season is upon us!

I snapped that beauty with my iPhone just a couple days ago at Target. They were all the way in the back, on the rear end of a Halloween candy aisle, facing the rear wall of the store. Though, the way I've known Target to be is that some might have them there, some might have them in the front at the registers, and some might have them at the front of the breakfast cereal aisle. And some Targets will have them in 2 or 3 of those locations simultaneously. So, go out and get 'em! I'll be getting some myself soon too, but I didn't get them yet. Going to New York for a week, and then I gotta pay the rent, so not sure exactly when, but you can bet I'll be sitting in front of the TV or my computer screen eating this great stuff and watching my favorite ghoulish cartoons by early October! Got plenty of good cartoon DVDs geared up (Scooby, Drak Pack, Casper, Real Ghostbusters, Billy and Mandy, Sabrina... I really need to get Beetlejuice the animated series!), plus plenty of great digital files and YouTube vids to watch, and all those awesome Halloween movies and specials! May have to drop some dimes on a bootleg of Teen Wolf the animated series too! So ticked that hasn't gotten a U.S. release yet! Oh, know what I got off YouTube recently that I'm gonna watch this year? Miss Switch! And the sequel! And Bunnicula! I finally got a watchable copy of Mr. Boogedy and Bride of Boogedy too! Wall, semi-watchable. I wish someone would post Two-Minute Werewolf! Why isn't there an ABC Weekend Specials DVD set yet?

Anyways, so, yeah, I found this stack of cereal at Target the other day while, of course, picking up my copy of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. And, that's not all! I also picked up Bewitched seasons 1 and 2 in black and white for 5 dollars each, and I Dream of Jeannie season 1 in Black and White for 5 dollars also!


Why is this such a good deal when you would rather get the Complete Series sets? Well, I want those too, but these, in my opinion, are necessary supplements. See, I can't stand colorized black and white. Well, I can choke it down, especially with Christmas stuff, but it is never preferred. The first seasons of both these shows and the second of Bewitched were in Black and White, but the complete series sets only have them in colorized form, so you can't beat snagging these for 5 bucks a pop, unless they've turned up for 3 at Big Lots. Admittedly, I've neglected checking out Big Lots lately since I rarely buy standard def discs unless it's TV shows that are unlikely to hit Blu (never say never though). So, yeah, this is great for Halloween viewing, especially Bewitched (along with the Addams Fam, which I already have, and the Munsters, which is on Netflix!), so I recommend going out and looking for them! Not all Targets have them, but I see them more often than not.

Getting back to the Monster cereals though. You'll notice two things in the picture I posted. First, yes, Target has their frequent collectible, retro packaging. These look like they might be from the 80's, but not totally sure. Very cool though. But, this year I won't be buying them to save, just to eat. If you want more modern packaging (not sure why you'd opt for that, but) you can probably find those at Target. I think they used one or more famous comic book artists to design them this year, or so I seem to remember hearing. I haven't been to Wal-Mart or Walgreens in ages though, so I haven't really seen them yet. The second thing you may notice in the picture I posted: No Fruit Brute or Yummy Mummy! It seems that was a one time thing, and that's too bad. I like those characters. However, they definitely botched their comeback last year. Not only did they feel the need to change Fruit Brute's name to Frute Brute, but the also deemed it necessary to destroy the nostalgic value of the cereal itself by completely reinventing the flavors! They went from being two different "fruit flavored" cereals (the original Fruit Brute may be a memory I've held since I was like 5, but I can still taste it!) to being a cherry flavored cereal and an orange cream flavored cereal.... Why?! I ask you!! Oh, how I was looking forward to tasting Fruit Brute again! I'd almost be willing to try a sealed box from the 80's if anyone had one! Well, maybe I'd just pour a bowl and sniff it.... Probably just as dangerous.

Now, besides the cereals, the shelves (at this particular Target I found these cereals at) were fully stocked with Halloween candy, and the display of Halloween DVD's were up too. Some of the costume stuff and a very tiny amount of the decorative and party supplies were out as well, but most of that stuff was not stocked yet. I took a quick look. Not long enough to really come back and report on anything new and cool that I saw yet, but enough to say this. The Mickey Mouse and Friends Cheeseballs, individually wrapped for trick or treaters (or for my personal treat bowl, since I don't get trick or treaters) are back again this year, and I enjoyed those last year, so I plan to get them again. NOT back, for the second year in a row, are those cool gummy vampires and werewolves. I really liked those when I got them two Halloweens ago, but no, I haven't seen them back since. Not big on gummies myself, but they're okay and I had a guest who likes them that year. However, something I did see somewhere (I don't think it was at Target, but somewhere recently) were these interesting, candy bar-like (going by the description) candies called Zombie Food, which a friend of mine also mentioned to me recently. I may have to try these out if I can remember where I saw them. Maybe they WERE at Target. For the life of me, I can't remember where I saw them. Might have been at Hot Topic!

As for the little display of Halloween themed DVDs, there was only one there that peaked my interest for this year. Everything else I either already had, would rather get on Blu-Ray, or didn't want. What peaked my interest was a 5.99 Smurf Halloween special that I've seen before, even though it's quite new. In fact, on the cover are the modern, CGI Smurfs. However, I know that the majority of the special is traditionally animated, which is why I really want this one and need to look into the recent Christmas special too. Incidentally, those Smurf bigscreen movies were far more tolerable than I had expected, too. Saw them recently. And, did you know Marsupilami has a live-action movie? Marsupilami is a far bigger deal overseas than over here (I forget where he's from, maybe France...). Here, we only know him as a short-lived, 90's Disney cartoon character and show, but over there he has a current animated series (not Disney) and was a famous comic book character long before Disney got hold of him! Totally off topic, I know, but I just discovered this live-action movie, and it caused me to research the character a little (well, via wiki). Anyway, back on topic...

Now, I did, a while back, decide I wanted to add at least one old and one new holiday special to my collection every year, for every holiday I celebrate if possible. This Halloween, I'm hoping my old one will be the Bugs Bunny Halloween Special, finally. Here's hoping Best Buy has it again, as usual. At 8 bucks, I usually don't feel like shelling out the dough, but it's time to just do it already. As for my new one, well, I'd like to get that Smurf one, but I did already order the two Scary Godmother specials, so I'm good, even if I don't land that Smurf one (though I probably will). I know, you're thinking those Scary Godmother specials are pretty old too! Well, not compared to the Bugs Bunny one. To my mind, stuff from the 90's onward is new, ha. I grew up watching holiday specials that had been replayed annually since the 60's, if not the 50's! Anyway, yeah, my Scary Godmother DVDs should arrive Saturday, along with my Black Widow 6 inch movie-based action figure. Finally gonna complete my Avengers. Got tired of searching for her, so I finally broke down and ordered her on Amazon. At least I didn't pay 40 like it would have cost me just a few months back! I've been focusing a lot on my 6 and 7 inch action figure collecting lately, so I may have to do an article on just what I'm looking for these days sometime soon. There's some interesting stuff out there, as I've mentioned in a few of my more recent movie reviews!

Okay, well, my time is short, so let me give some quick updates and head out for now. First, yeah, going to New York for a vacation in a few days. I still haven't gotten very far into telling you about my December Disney World vacation, and that was almost a year ago, and now I'm gonna have a New York one to talk about! Sorry! Ha. Yeah, going to see Billy Joel, Phantom, Aladdin, the Statue of Liberty, and who knows what else... And, a couple weekends ago, I went to Oklahoma to visit my niece and nephew (my older sister's family), whom I rarely get to see. It was basically a one day visit, though I stayed two nights in a hotel with fam. On the day I visited, we went to a mall in Oklahoma City that had THE BEST Hot Topic I've ever seen! Oh, and the girls shopping there! I really don't wanna ever live in Oklahoma, but I have to give them cred. They have some stunning girls there. Not the ones I usually think about when I think of Oklahoma girls. Of course, this was the mall, and Hot Topic, so even though they (two gorgeous ones in particular) were dressed pretty trampy (in the best way) and buying slutty schoolgirl skirts (yeah, that was killin' me), they were probably jailbait. Oy. You can never tell till you see the guys their with. They always look way more their actual age than the girls do...

On the way back from Oklahoma, we stopped at the Winstar casino (just before you get back into Texas), which I hear is one of the largest casinos in the world. I played a couple bucks and doubled the money, but I gave it to my mom since it was her couple of bucks, ha. I rarely carry cash anymore. The sweetest thing about that place was all the free Pepsi products you can drink! I don't really like Pepsi. You know, I'm a Coke man. But, free Pepsi does taste a lot better than regular Pepsi. Oh, and on the way up TO Oklahoma, just an hour north of Austin, we stopped at this gorgeous bakery called the Collin Street Bakery in Corsicana, TX. Great goodies there! Got a pile of cookies and cakes to nibble on!

Incidentally, I posted a few photos from these little excursions on Instagram and on my personal Facebook, and I'm now on Twitter, so I'll be posting stuff there from now on too. You may want to follow me on all those sites, or one of them, or a couple of them, to see pics from my future experiences as well, like the upcoming New York trip. On Facebook, besides my Moonlight Motel page, I have my Nathan Lee James page, though if you're going to friend my personal page, don't get in arguments with me. I block people who disagree with me to an obnoxious level, ha ha. As for Instagram and Twitter, I'm Nathan Lee James on those too, so go follow! By the way, still gotta find out why my Moonlight Motel Facebook page is an App page. Might have to make a whole new Facebook page for it...

Anyway, that's it for now. More Halloween stuff coming. For sure a Halloween comic that I hope will kick off monthly comics again, though I know I said that last year, ha, but this year it has to, because I'm hoping to be at Wizard World Texas a year from this October! Yeah, can't make it this year, but I full on want a table in 2015 to sell art prints AND promote the site! Also, I'll get back on those Disney World trip articles soon too. I don't know if anyone enjoys reading those, and I should have written them last December, but I still want to have the experience written down as best I can remember it, if only for my own memory keeping. Crush of the Week is coming back soon too. Just been so busy with all this traveling and the day job, weight loss (doing something that's working well, if it doesn't kill me, ha), a possible holiday visit from the love of my life (well, she says she MIGHT be able to come; she's going to school very far away these days), and a few other things. For example, my roommate/sister's birthday is tomorrow! Er, today rather! I really better get some sleep! Okay, that's it for now. Talk to you guys later!

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