Friday, October 31, 2014


Happy Halloween everybody!!!

Well, just wanted to say that really quickly! Gonna keep this super short, because I need a nap!

First, I had to rush to finish my Wreck-It-Ralph costume last night, so the results were far from perfect, but, well, here ya go. This is actually a photo I just took after two days without sleep and wearing this at work all day, so the denim is wrinkled and my hair is less styled than it started out. I had made feet to cover my shoes, but they didn't work out. After a nap, my sis and I plan to stroll 6th street tonight, and if I have time, I'll try to redo the feet before that. The shirt was a major rush job. Oh well. I could be happier with the final product, but all in all, it's not too bad, and at least I managed to get a costume done this year. It was looking pretty unlikely!

Now, the reason I had to stay up all night to finish my costume was that yesterday evening was spent at the Alamo Drafthouse Slaughter Lane's Rocky Horror Picture Show sing along! Man, was that ever a blast! My sis and I had both been to the traditional Rocky show before, separately, but neither of us liked it very much. Too much yelling and other stuff going on to really enjoy the movie and the music. But, THIS Rocky show, was MUCH better! It had some of the traditional stuff, some fun Action Pack stuff with all the free toys they give out to interact with the film, And mainly there was the sing-along aspect, which I like much better than whatever that is we were doing at the more traditional Rocky show I went to a couple years ago by my lonesome. This version also had some great performances by the Action Pack hosts for the evening. It was an all around great time! It also didn't hurt that I was seated next to a gorgeous girl who seemed to talk to me more than her date, ha. We had a nice little back and forth going, too bad I couldn't really get her number or something, given the situation. *sigh* Seems I never get the right opportunity for something like that. Oh, well. Unfortunately, I never thought to snap a pic of her. What a dummy! 

Oh, and yes, the preshow did include Tim Curry's musical number from "The Worst Witch". I have to say, Tim Curry has got to be the official King of Halloween in my book! And it's not that I couldn't bare a Halloween without Rocky Horror. But, I couldn't bare a Halloween without the Worst Witch for sure! Ha ha.

Anyway, like I said, tonight, we'll be trolling 6th St., and maybe a pumpkin will get carved before then too (or after). Sadly, the fun will end there for me, as I have work yet again tomorrow morning. But, even if tomorrow is the first of November, we will be having our own little celebration at home tomorrow, with Halloween specials (plenty of Ichabod Crane, I'm sure, and definitely the Sanderson Sisters), pizza, candy, candy, candy, and a crackling fire and glowing Jack O' Lantern. Should be nice.

Now, the bad news, and one of the main reasons I'm writing this right now, is that I won't be able to get a Halloween Moonlight Motel strip in by tonight. I still want to do one with a Halloween theme, and I promise that, if I get to, it will be just a couple days away and will make sense in November. So, yeah, I fully intend that the next post I do will be a Moonlight Motel comic strip, and it will probably still have something to do with Halloween. I have a few ideas. Anyway, that's it for now. Stay tuned for Monty's return, and have a great time tonight, whatever you're doing! Happy Halloween!

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