Monday, October 27, 2014

Management Recommends - Halloween! And reading this super quick site update!

Hey-dee-ho, folks!

Just a quick bit of update on myself and the site for what remains of this October!

Well, Halloween is nearly here, to quote a generic opener from your apartment calendar and other monthly notices, and either you're good to go and kickin' back, or your stressed about not being ready on time to celebrate proper! I've been in both places before, let me tell ya! And, this Halloween, frankly, I'm unfortunately in the latter portion of that description! I have no finished costume, which means I have no idea if I'm gonna get to troll 6th street for the one night of the year that I ever go there without Drafthouse tickets, on a mission to indulge my one fetish, girls in costumes! My favorite turn on, period. Girls dressed as Alice in Wonderland, Wednesday Addams, Sailor Moon, Red Riding Hood, Supergirl, Batgirl, Dorothy, TinkerBell, Babydoll, Hermione Granger, Princess Leia... and that's just to name a few top faves! How I love it, but ya gotta have a costume yourself. As you know, I was set to do a pajama-wearing Eddie Munster costume...

Like that but in pajamas. Well, a key part of such a costume would have been an accurate Woof Woof doll, and I started making one, let me tell ya. And it was to be my first try at using liquid latex, too!

That attempt ended in a colossal mess...

I'll try it again another year.
I figured I should drop more weight before being Eddie Munster anyway. So, in the meantime, I figured I should try something more suited to my current physique. Being a big Disney fan, as you're well aware of, I settled on a Wreck-It-Ralph costume. Seemed like a fun and not too outdated idea.

Well, I got the raw materials, and I learned some things from it. One, overalls are EXPENSIVE. Two, if you have a tummy, you're going to have the humiliating experience of having to buy a much larger size than you ever would have guessed. And Three, I realized from that and from trying them on that I gained a lot more weight while dealing with a number of high-stress situations over the past 4 years than I had realized. I actually have lost a lot of weight over the past month or two, but boy, do I have a long way to go. And boy, did I ever realize how unflattering overalls truly are! In the picture below, I look like my costume is Crazy Hillbilly with giant cherry bomb. Or a humanized (or not) Fuzzy Lumpkins costume. Actually, my intention was to bleach and dye the overalls and shirt, add the design to the shirt, and of course, cut off the sleeves, style my hair and make big hands and feet. The cherry wasn't quite finished yet either. Though the difference is barely noticeable there. Just had to paint the area where I inserted the stem.

So, it is now just a few days away from Halloween. I have my day job, I still want badly to get a new comic out this month and to at least add the final Crush of the Week Halloween Edition entry, and I gotta find some stuff to hock too, because this costume business has cut into my rent. I've also got plans to hit a Drafthouse Rocky Horror sing-along on Slaughter Lane (I think) on Thursday night, so I have very little time left for sure! But, my costume! The overalls, are currently pink! The shirt, insanely, bleached out to be a dark gray (I don't get that one), I have a replacement coming in the mail that I hope fits in a reasonable way and arrives on time (but isn't as accurate in terms of material, but shouldn't need to be dyed), and I still need to make my feet and paint them along with the hands. The hands did come out well though, that's good at least. Mainly, stressed about getting everything the right color in time, and getting that shirt in time, which might be a longshot since you know how that sort of thing usually goes... Well, we'll see. It would be okay if I didn't have other concerns too. I've spent waaay too much on this costume already, and I might still try to get a second container of dye and add more brown to the overalls (which are getting a second dunking in the red right now). I had dyed them brown originally, but it didn't take... Right now though, I am so broke, I feel like Peppermint Patty when she was down to her last dozen eggs that Marcy kept screwing up! Except I'm the one who can't get this right! Arrrgh!!!

Well, enough about all that. Either way, Halloween is coming. I need to get some sleep right now, because I know I'm not going to get much till next weekend. As I said, my plans are to go to the Drafthouse Thursday for the Rocky Horror Sing Along, which I'm hoping is just that, and not the traditional Rocky Horror thing which they probably still do weekly at the Village location. I went to that a few years ago, and I decided it was not for me. Though, I did enjoy the lipsyncer in the beginning with the pasties on. That's about as much bare boob as I've seen since I was taking Life Drawing classes a century ago. As for Friday, which is Halloween itself, We're gonna slightly celebrate after work before heading out to 6th Street, assuming I have something to wear, to parade around and check everyone else out. Sadly, I have to work the next day. One time, when I was new in Austin and unemployed, I just went there by myself on Halloween and stayed there, just hanging on the sidewalks, till like 3am, or whenever it is that everybody goes home, ha, and it was somewhat enjoyable. At least, as enjoyable as it can be when you're all alone in the world. It was fun last year with my sis, who I'm going with again this year, but going alone means you never know who you might meet, even if I never do meet anyone. And I do prefer to have the freedom to stay as late as I want, but I gotta wake up at 6am on Saturday, so no such luck this year. Too bad, too, since Halloween is finally on a Friday. And, I know Saturday is technically November, so a lot of you will be watching Rudolph, but we're gonna claim it as Halloween 2, since I'll be off for the weekend at 3 and am planning to enjoy some good pizza, plenty of candy and great Halloween specials on DVD by the light of a jack o' lantern that evening! I'd prefer to do that on or the night before Halloween, but that's what happens when you haven't struck it rich yet, ha. Really need to find a gig with higher pay and a traditional work week. Or, does anyone know of an open position in Austin where my Fine Art degree would mean something? Anything at all? Ha.

Anyway, as I said, I still wanna get the final Halloween-themed Crush of the Week in, as well as a new Moonlight Motel comic strip. It's been a long time, as I said last Halloween, and I really need and want to get back to doing the strip regularly again. As for my report on my New York trip, that's gonna have to wait till after Halloween, but I will do my best to get that up in early November, and then get right back to my Disney World posts for the holiday season. Yeah, I still intend to get that done! For now though, I really need to get some sleep, so good luck with your costumes! Wish me luck! and I'll talk to y'all soon!

PS: Nearly forgot something crucial! I mentioned recently that I need to do a full system restore on our computer. It's got serious virus problems to the point that the cable company keeps sending us internet-death threats. Can't run this site, nor live, without the internet, so I'm hoping to get that done soon, but nope, haven't done it yet, and this computer is giving me increasing trouble. Just desperately trying to clear off any important files first, and I just haven't had time to finish doing that. Hopefully, I'll get the next two posts posted before anything major happens, and hopefully I will get the restore done quickly after, without any problems, and that it fixes the problem. Cross your fingers! Okay, I'm really gonna go this time! 

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