Saturday, October 18, 2014

Monty's Crush of the Week - Halloween Edition - Barbara Crampton

Barbara Crampton
Re-Animator (1985), From Beyond (1986)
And many more!

Kids, let me tell ya, it was NOT EASY finding pics of this particular Scream Queen with her clothes on. Back in the day, Barbara starred in two of the greatest Lovecraft-inspired horror flicks ever, "Re-Animator" and "From Beyond", and she's been in tons of stuff since. She was even in the recent horror film, "You're Next". But, yeah, she's most remembered for that unforgettable nude scene with a severed head in Re-Animator, and that's mostly what you find pics of if you do an image search on her. That, and her other phenomenally hot nude scenes from other films. Yeah, she looks pretty fantastic in all of them, and I also discovered while researching this post that she did a horror-themed photo shoot for Playboy back in '86 too. It was, well, it was pretty awesome (note to self: go back and grab some of that stuff; it was super awesome). So, yeah, the images online of her in clothing seem few and far between, and not the best quality, but I managed to pluck a few for ya since I didn't really have time to take screencaps this evening.

I'll start with the role I first remember seeing her in, that of Megan Halsey in "Re-Animator". As Megan, Barbara played the sweet (but also naughty) girl-next-door, daughter of the dean of a medical school, who was dating one of the top students. Unfortunately, her boyfriend just happened to become roommates with one Herbert West.

I'd like to point out her beautiful blonde hair and big blue eyes. A lot of my newer friends seem to think I'm only into Asian women. Anywho, yeah, this is my fave look of Barbara's. She still gets freaky in private, but in general she has this perfect girl-next-door look and personality that really turns me on, ha. Love her in the image below. I'm pretty sure her outfit is made of... wait for it... girlfriend material. Yeah, she's pretty perfect in this flick, which is why it's such a crime how it all ends up... Great movie! Check it out this month if you have a chance!

Of course, it's also awesome watching Barbara in "From Beyond". She initially plays another goody-two-shoes, a young doctor who stumbles upon a fascinating and highly dangerous experiment involving parallel dimensions and utter perversion, and before long, this happens...

Works for me.

That's another great movie you should check out this Halloween, actually! And, Miss Crampton has more! Check out her complete IMDB filmography

Now, here's something we hope you'll really like. Actually, I'm not going to post the best images from that Playboy shoot here, but I did find a few shots from it where she was still dressed... mostly. Just a little teaser for ya. If you want to search for the good stuff on your own, I don't blame ya.


Actually, those three pics do a great job of summing up the roles I've seen her in from back in the day. Not bad, Playboy. Okay, that's it for tonight. Catch you guys later! 

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