Sunday, October 26, 2014

Monty's Crush of the Week - Halloween Edition - Madeline Smith

Don't freak! I know I didn't post a Crush of the Week last week, and being this is a special Halloween-themed month, skipping sucks big-time, I know. Plus, I got started a week late, so, no worries, we'll call this one last week's, just a day late...

Also, before I present to you the belated crush of last week, some of you have probably thought to yourselves, "If this is the first Halloween-themed Crush of the Week month, where are the likes of Christina Ricci, Emma Watson, Linda Blair, etc...?"

Well, to answer your unasked question, they've been featured as Crush of the Week before, and I try not to repeat myself. Or, at least, I have tried so far. I may revisit some eventually, simply because we've taken to posting far more pictures and info lately than during the first year or so of this feature, which was when I posted some of my all-time fave crushes. But, yeah, if you're wondering where some of those old Halloween faves are, just look through past Crush of the Week features. You'll find many there! Not only individual actresses like the ones mentioned (and more) who fit the Halloween theme, but also certain characters one can't help crush on as well (like Katrina Van Tassel, Wednesday Addams, and Mavis from Hotel Transylvania), and women from other areas besides film and television, such as my favorite cosplayer ever, Tomia. Might do another feature on her sometime to share a lot more of her costume pics. I wanna feature other cosplayers in the future as well.

But, enough about that. On with this week's, er, last week's Crush of the Week!

Madeline Smith
The Vampire Lovers (1970)
And more!

This is Madeline Smith. She's quite the knockout by my standards. Most specifically circa the 1970 Hammer classic "The Vampire Lovers"...

I can't say I've really seen her in anything else, aside from a couple other Hammer films I really need to rewatch now that I know she's in them ("Taste the Blood of Dracula" and "Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell"). My lack of familiarity with her probably stems from the fact that she is a British actress who has mostly done British work. She was a Bond girl in Live and Let Die, but, to be quite honest, I'm an Indiana Jones man. I really need to run through the Bond films someday, but I've sampled them, and while they can be pretty cool, I never really connect to the character enough to keep interested. But, I digress. This is about Madeline Smith, and aside from over-thinning her eyebrows too much throughout her career, she's damn stunning. In "The Vampire Lovers", she's pretty much perfect!

That reminds me, she actually tells a funny story in the bonus features on that film's blu-ray about becoming a Hammer girl. Hammer ladies are known to be quite ample. Cleavage is a bit part of their role it would seem. Well, apparently, when Madeline, 19 or so at the time, was up for her part in Vampire Lovers, it hinged on her becoming more buxom in a short amount of time. Thankfully, she didn't get a pair of those nasty ol' implants (did they have them back then? I know they've been around longer than I ever guessed). No, super petite Madeline instead heard that eating lots of yogurt would solve her problem, and boy, did it ever! In a short amount of time, she was ready for filming, still petite as ever, except in a couple of areas up top, and she looked amazing. Not that small breasts should ever be seen as a problem. Honestly, most of us guys these days like 'em that way. Well, most of us still like them ANY way, but small can be really cute and implants are a no-go every time for me. Just sayin'. Regardless, there's one option for cuties not quite satisfied with what they've got up top that certainly worked for this goddess.

Now, I leave you with a few more handpicked images of Madeline at her best. Enjoy!

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