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A look back at Halloween, before we go bat-#$!% crazy for Christmas! Also, Disney's "Feast"!

I'll try to keep the chatter to a minimum here, gang, as I need to post this quick, but I really wanted to do it, even if it's getting well into LATE November. I figure, we still haven't had Thanksgiving, so there's still time to share some fun Halloween pics with you guys, and that's what I'm gonna do, and I'm gonna mention a few other things as well, so don't miss that after the Halloween stuff. Okay, let's get started with this quick Halloween 2014 in Review...

So, yeah, that's me in my complete (and very rushed to the last minute) Wreck-It Ralph costume on Halloween night, right before heading out with my sis to Austin's 6th street, which turns into quite the parade of costumes as the sun goes down. I don't go to 6th too often, but I usually try to make it out there on Halloween. One time, I stayed there till the wee hours. Halloween being on a Friday this year, it would have been a perfect time to do that again. Alas, I had to work both Friday and Saturday, so... not so perfect for me. Still, we got to hang out there for a few hours. Here are some of the crazy pics we got.

First, take a look at how crowded it gets the darker it gets on 6th St., Halloween night. I hear it can be just the same on other nights when Halloween is on a weekend or on the weekend before Halloween otherwise, though I'm not entirely sure how true that is or how that works exactly. I wonder if there were folks out in costume on Saturday night as well, since it would have technically been November by then (though we kept celebrating Halloween till about a week into November, ha).

My sister did the shooting for most of these pics, so, sorry, it was hard to get her to take shots of the cute girls in skimpy outfits, ha, though we caught a few from the back, ha. Problem was, I had those massive hands! Here's what happened when I tried to take a photo! That's my sis as Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas with a couple of Trekkies and one of my big fingers! Still a cool pic though.

Here she is with what I assume is a character from a video game. With only a few exceptions, I usually only play video games connected to franchises I'm into from other media, like Arkham Asylum or Epic Mickey, so I am really bad at that. It was a cool costume though! 

There were so many gorgeous girls in amazing costumes. I saw more than a few I wish I'd asked to take a picture with, though it can take a while to build up the nerve to do that, and everyone is walking by so fast too! There were some amazing Disney girls everywhere, and hot lady superheroes, there were girls dressed in generic, slutty costumes that you could forgive them for their lack of originality on because they were just too damn sexy, and there was a Wednesday Addams that made me wish I had my Pugsley Addams costume on. I actually haven't worn that one downtown, but I'm sure when I do I won't run into a Wednesday, or she'll be like the one I saw last year. This year's was far superior... Anywho, I finally HAD to ask this Harley Quinn to pose for a pic with me! Love this! 

Sadly, I found no Vanellope Von Schweetz cosplayers walking around to pose or strike up conversation with. Oh well. Most of the girls were not flying solo anyway, as per usual anytime I see an attractive girl ANYWHERE. There WAS this awesome April O'Neil, but... case in point. I think that's Donatello. He was the one who moonlighted at Chippendales, right?

More crowd scenes. Sometimes, these shots were taken to give you guys an impression of how crazy things get here on Halloween in terms of the costumed crowds. Though, sometimes they are shots where we were trying to catch a costume in particular, but usually failed because someone else would step right in the way. After a while, you really have to push your way through the crowd in the street. But, we may have taken more impressive and colorful photos last year, when we had more time for taking pics and I was armed with a camera too. I never got to post last year's pics though, which is why I'm going ahead with doing it this late this time, ha. 

Like, check this dude below! Walked right in front of this super hot Pocahontas I was trying to get my sis to get a shot of... Freakin' David Spade, man.

Or old dude down below, blocking every shot of Beaker! Nice, old dude!

I don't usually praise storebought costumes too much, but these Incredibles costumes below were pretty cool. And if they're not store-bought, then kudos, they're well made. Not that store-bought costumes usually are, but the Disney Store ones sometimes are.

Yes, the Shredder!!!

Okay, the dude below as the Spirited Away character, he (I am assuming, but could be a she) totally inspired the last Moonlight Motel comic I did. That is, in combination with the fact that I really did consider doing this costume! I just didn't want to have a hard time seeing/walking around and all. I try to avoid masks and uncomfortable stuff that obstructs your vision these days. But, man, I knew that costume would be an Asian-girl magnet!

Jealous of this guy below on so many levels. Always a dream of mine to put together an authentic Indiana Jones costume. Though, not only is it super pricey (a lot of the authentic stuff is made in London and don't come cheap at all), but I'll never have this guy's height. Not to mention an Elsa. *sigh*  By the way, I wish we'd mentioned it to them (maybe my sis did), but we both thought it was super cool that they did Elsa. She always was the hottest/coolest of Indy's gals, aside from the whole working with the Nazis... thing, ha. Anyway, super nice couple that were kind enough to pose for this pic, too.

This young lady in the costume below just looked so awesome and creepy. I'm not sure if she was supposed to look like the creepy woman from Insidious, but that's sure who she reminded me of, ha!

Blurry picture below, but there comes Frankenstein on stilts. Gotta say, I would NOT want to be on stilts in the Halloween on 6th st. crowd, that's for sure!

The skimpy costume girls always walk by too fast, and you feel particularly sleazy if you ask to get a picture with them. Really regretted not asking the group of Disney Princesses below though. Yep, those are Disney princess costumes. You don't remember that time Belle, Snow White and Ariel wore bras and tutus together?  Clearly, it was when they were in college. I can only imagine the scenario later on that night with Prince Eric over there being the guest of honor. At least, I've seen a lot of videos like that... Man, I hate prince Eric. The only boob I've seen in-person in like 10 years was when a friend showed me her new nipple piercing the other day. I'm surprised we didn't get fired for that. 

Check this guy out! BRILLIANT! I'm not entirely sure that ISN'T the Dos Equis guy!

And, here's my little sister's favorite pic of the night, getting to take a photo with Hannibal Lecter!

And that was our Halloween night. Before that, we spent most of October working on our costumes. And, actually, we both changed our costume plans just a couple weeks before the big night, so that was a real rush all of a sudden. My sister did an amazing job with hers! I was amazed at how she made that dress from scratch with no pattern! I keep trying to urge her to become a serious cosplayer. Partly so she can meet other cosplayers and hook me up with one, ha. Here are some full shots of her costume...


I love that pumpkin she carved too! I usually do the pumpkin carving, but I didn't have time for much this year. I was quite stressed to finish my costume at the last minute! I wore it to work with certain areas still soaked in wet paint! And hardly anyone even noticed I was wearing a costume it seemed! Like I wear giant overalls and hands everyday or something!

Of course, we had our traditional candy bowl all through the last week of Halloween and a bit of the week that followed, through which we continued to get the Halloween out of our system by watching most of the movies, cartoons and specials we didn't have time for before. Most of all though, we did that on Saturday and Sunday after Halloween itself. In fact, it was on the 1st of November that we actually had our usual Halloween feast of pizza, wings, cookies, chips and cider. It's been a while since I've made my graveyard cake though. Maybe I'll finally do it again next year. I miss it.

Yep, those are Monsters University cookies mixed in there with the chocolate chip. Didn't have time for my usual cookie cutter jobs this year, but these were fun, and though my sister didn't like their taste much, I did.

A little candy corn and a card from mom...

And, yep, we watched nearly all of our faves that weekend, from "The Burbs"...

...To the greatest Halloween movie of all-time, "Hocus Pocus"!

And, before all that, we even managed to make it to a front yard Haunted House walk-thru put on by my sister's guitarist! It was pretty darn cool! Reminded me of the movie "The American Scream". Check that out sometime if you like documentaries. Maybe it's still on Netflix, I'm not sure. That's where I watched it last month.

Anyways, as you know, we also celebrated a bit before Halloween, even during our costume creation craziness, by attending a Rocky Horror sing-along at the Drafthouse and catching a double feature at the Blue Starlite drive-in of Monster Squad and Ghostbusters, preceded by It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. I wrote about those events in previous articles amidst last month's Halloween-themed Crush of the Week posts. If you missed any of that stuff, you might enjoy going back and checking it out. We also had a great article from one of our guest writers on retro Halloween candy. And, I still highly recommend checking out the Blue Starlite Drive-In here in Austin sometime. They have some very cool screening experiences. Probably doing some great stuff this holiday season too!

Okay, that's enough about Halloween, gang. Time for the holidays! We'll get started with that stuff soon, but before I go tonight, I have something to mention very quickly that I completely forgot to talk about before. It's a short film. A little short subject from Disney entitled, "Feast".

"Feast" is a simple but brilliant little film. No picture was ever more perfectly written from a dog's point of view. It's an emotional journey through the meals of a pup named Winston. Literally, that's what it is. We see the life of this dog, a part of it, anyway, from the point of view of his mealtimes, and it tells the story perfectly.

It's an extremely charming little story that I'm not going to say much more about since it's only a short as it is. I won't say I love the art style. It took me a while to get used to it. It looks like a kind of computer animation, but a rough looking style that perhaps is supposed to make it look more hand drawn? I don't know, ha. I have no idea how it was done or what the idea behind the style was, but it wasn't my favorite. Still, Winston comes through perfectly adorable anyway, and his short, simple story is delightful. 

Now, Disney's "Feast" actually runs before the film "Big Hero 6", which is why I mentioned I had forgotten to talk about it before. That was during my Big Hero 6 review; one of the downfalls of not writing your review immediately after seeing a movie. Oh well, hopefully, those of you who would be interested in this will see it now. I have to credit PIXAR for really pushing a return of pre-feature short cartoons to the big screen, even though we'd seen them at random over the decades before, and PIXAR's remain some of the best. Disney's "Feast" is not a "PIXAR" labeled item, if I remember correctly, but just as with "Big Hero 6", it seems Lasseter taking over Disney animation has caused most Disney animation releases to have a bit of a PIXAR feel, and that's a good thing. Seeing a bit of hand-drawn animation would be great too, but I guess that wish is not longer likely to be fulfilled anytime soon. Still, at least a lot of the computer animated stuff we've been getting has been excellent, especially from Disney lately, "Feast" being right up there with the best of that stuff! If you haven't seen "Big Hero 6" already, go check it out, and come early so you can be sure to catch "Feast" as well!

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