Saturday, January 2, 2016

Management Notice: Site Update and Vacation Haul Video

Hi-Dee-Ho, folks! Long-time, no see! My sincerest apologies, a lot has been going on. Here's a ten peso update on me, the future of this site and Moonlight Motel, and a bonus Harry Potter Wizarding World and Disney Haul video to boot!

First, so no one gets too concerned, the site update. Don't worry, we aren't going anywhere. Obviously, it's been difficult for me to find the time to come on here and post stuff. I wish this website were my full-time gig. However, I currently don't get enough hits to make a dime off it, partly my own fault for not focusing on the original intention of the site, a web comic. I'm planning to change that this year. Moonlight Motel is my passion and my expression, and I love it, but I have hardly put out any new strips in the past few years. There have been some huge distractions since I started the comic, and subsequently, this website. A little hit film (which just had a sequel) about monsters running a hotel didn't boost my spirits any either. I can just imagine how many folks think Hotel Transylvania came along before we did. It didn't. Not that we are THAT similar in tone or style, but a hotel run by monsters, a motel run by monsters, most people probably won't look beyond those similar, superficial descriptions. That being said, I do enjoy Hotel Transylvania (Selena Gomez makes one hot CGI vampiress, no surprise), and I was probably harsher in my original review of the first film than I should have been (haven't seen the sequel yet), as it's actually really good, but I digress. Point is, I have spent most of my time here writing articles, reviews, and other filler that I enjoy greatly, but that are not at all the purpose of this site. I'm not saying I won't do anymore of that stuff, but probably very rarely, and eventually I might do that mostly in video format. For now, as I mention in the video below, I want to start focusing on getting a comic post up every week if possible. And, it's actually gonna be very different for a while. I've been talking for a long time about my first Moonlight Motel graphic novel. However, it's been really hard to find the time to work on it. I even had to cancel my Wizard World table for last October, because I hadn't made any progress on the book beyond the initial concept and long existing cover art. Well, hopefully starting next week, but definitely this month, my intention is that future posts on this website will mostly be a new page of my graphic novel every week. Will these be in full color? not sure. Will they be the final version of the book, maybe, but I wouldn't be surprised if more editing is done before the official version is made available for purchase. These Moonlight Motel posts will be different from the usual strip posts. They will be pages of a graphic novel, not single strip gags. This will all add up to one big story in the end. Then, I'll go back to making new strips until I start working on another graphic novel. 

Other posts on this site will be rare and random. Crush of the Week? We might still do crush articles on rare occasion. The title will have to be different though. It hasn't effectively been a Crush of the Week in quite some time. Movie Reviews? I wish I could have at least done Star Wars 7 and Krampus reviews before deciding to make such posts far less frequent. However, while I LOVE movies, I may not be the best critic anyway, and my reviews of these particular two movies are simple. Loved 'em both. If I can get a better video making situation going, perhaps I will start up with movie reviews again in video format, but that will take some time. Other articles I've posted here were random reviews, events, and rants, and they could still appear at random. My point here is just to say it will be far less often. I will mostly be focusing on the comic strip here. I probably won't even go back to those multi-part articles that were started but not continued, specifically ones about trips I took over the past few years. I might go into those again at some point, maybe, but while I started talking a long time ago about my 2013 Disney World trip and my 2014 New York trip and never got past day one in either case, I doubt I will be coming back with day 2 after all. It's just too important that I refocus this site. I'm not ruling out the possibility I will be particularly free one random week to just sit and write about old trips or whatever, but I am not promising anything. Remember though, you can keep up with my daily doings on Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, or Facebook. Mainly, I just post things on Instagram and share them to all those other sites, including plenty of images from my travels, holidays, and just my daily life. Also, I do these occasional YouTube videos. I'll keep sharing those here on the site (but please go to YouTube and subscribe, most videos include crucial annotations that are not displayed when viewed on this site). I just really wanna start getting some things done that are important to me as an artist, because I haven't done a huge amount with my career as yet. Developing my comic strip was a big deal for me when things finally started to fall into place after previous attempts, but I haven't done enough with it and don't have much excuse for that, and now I feel like I'll always be in the shadow of Hotel Transylvania, because I didn't get my work out there fast enough. That old chestnut. I'm still gonna try, and I hope people will see past the setup, which I have no wish to change, and that my strip really has very little in common with that film franchise. As for the website, that's pretty much what I wanted to say, that for a while it's going to be a showcase for my graphic novel in-progress. Maybe some familiar articles will appear on rare occasion, definitely some occasional updates on myself and stuff, but mostly we're gonna focus on the first book for a while.

As for an update on me, well, like I said, I've been so preoccupied with life that the site has suffered, which is why I wanna start to prioritize this. I'm not getting any younger. In fact, I now find myself at 40 (almost 41), and far behind everyone else my age. I don't care too much about that, really. Everyone says I look 10 years younger than I am, sometimes more, I have a youthful spirit (my interests and goals don't sync up much with my actually age group), I have so little dating experience that I am more compatible with much younger women (and they look better in pigtails), and most people my age are only so much further along because they've settled in some way. I've never been about settling, but I HAVE allowed myself to get lazy (or more accurately, distracted) in going for the things I really want. I may not be about doing the kids and sensible career thing, but I do want a comfortable income and someone to snuggle with at night. No, I didn't get a sensible degree and settle into a boring but reliable, well-paying office job, but I do work in a boring office job that doesn't pay well and offers no benefits while I sit on a useless art degree, and that's not much better than being Joe Schmo Settled-In if I'm not working on my dreams while I suffer for my art. Hence the more aggressive website/graphic novel plan, and also my intention to finally do something I've thought about since high school and start more aggressively checking out the stand-up comedy thing. At least, I need to start looking into it. It's a difficult issue, because I do have very high social anxiety. I'm what's called an introverted extrovert. Yes, that's a real thing. It's what many entertainers are, actually. I am initially extremely shy and awkward with strangers, though if people will give me a little time to get to know me, I will open up like crazy, but most folks don't do that. Of course, it also requires the other person to initiate things. It's been one of my biggest issues with meeting women too. I almost never do meet any, in fact, though it also seems none of the women I'm attracted to are ever single, so I really don't know what to do in that department. That's not really me asking for advice though. I've been hearing dating advice for years. It's mostly been shit. No offense. But, I notice none of my friends have ever tried to set me up with anyone. What the hell? That's supposed to be a thing. Sure, I probably wouldn't like your choice, but at least offer! Anyway, this year, one of my two best friends (the unmarried one) is actually getting married, and I'm supposed to be the best man. Personally, I'm not wild about weddings, and he told me once he wasn't ever going to get married, so I was thinking, "Phew, that's a load off." I can't dance and have never written a toast or anything. Am I supposed to throw a bachelor party? Because I live pretty much hand to mouth, and I've never been to a real bachelor party, either. I've only been to like four weddings in my life, because I hate them. But, I love my best friend, and hopefully I can drop some weight before this summer, but it's still gonna suck to be the 41 yr old best man who has never had a real date himself. No, I've never had a REAL date. I went out on date-like excursions several times with one particular girl over the past 5 plus years (since coming to Austin), but I don't feel like she ever agreed that they were real dates. I was madly in love with her, but she didn't feel the same. She went away, but came back into my life last summer, but that didn't last very long at all. I just never could get my feelings to rub off on her. Not sure why she comes back to me sometimes, but I think that was probably the last time,... and, no, I'm not okay with that, but I am tired of being hurt. So, that was something else that made the past year very... complicated for me, and that I'm still dealing with on a daily basis in my head. 

This winter and spring will be a bit tough, as I need to raise a lot of money. Gonna be selling a lot of stuff I no longer want on Ebay, I guess. I need to figure out dental and health insurance, I need to get a lot of dental work done, I may have a hefty tax bill, because Obamacare got me all confused and screwed me over, and there's the wedding and the usual stuff: rent, car issues and all that. Tried to start collecting comics again recently. Boy, had to cut that out quick. The trips I've been taking the past couple years, frankly, have been at no cost to me aside from souvenirs. I couldn't afford to date right now if I wanted to, but I gotta solve that problem too or I'll never find anyone, because after a few more years, I'm done looking. Sorry, I can't see myself dating anyone over 40 (not really comfortable with the over 30 crowd, for that matter). It's not that I can't be with someone as she grows older, once I'm in love, I'm hooked, but I just can't start off with her already looking like Jack Palance. You gots to ease me into that, and hopefully I'll be dead before you hit that point anyway.

Anyway, so I'm gonna try to get going with the graphic novel and stuff right away, but I'll be most at ease when I figure out what's happening with all these sudden expenses I'm gonna have. In other words, hopefully, after tax time, things will be clearer. I don't really know HOW I'm gonna work that stuff out, but it's sorta like preparing for finals. At least I knew that once they were done, one way or another, I could move on (and sleep!). So, I don't know if I'll be job hunting soon or what. Maybe Ebay will prove fruitful, maybe other things, but that's something I'll be dealing with over the next few months, among all that other stuff: Trying to raise money, trying to get in shape for that wedding, trying to get the graphic novel going and focusing the website on that, trying to check out the local comedy scene and write some material for myself, probably still being hopeless in the romance department and hung up on someone I'll never see again, maybe looking into other job possibilities to boost my pathetic income, and lastly, yeah, I am definitely, this month, gonna get all that long owed art to people who probably stopped waiting for it a long time ago. Yeah, I owe art to about three people. They've waited a ridiculously long time. I don't even do commissions anymore, because I just can't be timely about it anymore, but I am gonna get those pieces to those people this month for sure. You know who you are. So sorry about the wait. If money was exchanged, you will be offered some future freebies too, if you are interested in any. 

That's about it for me. That's what I've been doing and dealing with. And the holidays. Monty persona aside, as you know, the real me lives in an apartment with my younger sis, and our mom comes and stays with us a lot. We're more comfortable having her here than far away, but that also slows my productivity considerably, because we do more recreational stuff when mom's around. For example, the recent trip I took to Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando in early December. Incidentally, I had noticed before going (and highly anticipating the Wizarding World of Harry Potter) that it has become a thing on YouTube to post videos of Wizarding World Hauls. That is, videos showcasing all the stuff you brought back from your trip to the two Harry Potter sections of the two Universal Orlando theme parks. I decided to go ahead and make one too, and I did, though I made the video before Christmas and only just recently uploaded it. So, here it is. And, yeah, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter was awesome! Unfortunately, there's a new thing at the theme parks with their new coaster type rides: Extremely tiny seats with confining restraints that can't fit larger people. Yet another reason I am gonna have to drop a great deal of weight in the coming months. I did not get to ride either of the main Potter rides, nor the new Sever Dwarfs Mine Train. Quite a disappointment, and I don't expect to go back for another year or two. The parks were still awesome. The Wizarding World was still amazing and loads of fun, but, yeah, that was something that sucked. I'll take care of the problem, as other aspects of my life have also been affected, so it's time to do something effective about it. Pretty sure it factors in heavily in my problems meeting women too, particularly since I'm really only attracted to very small, skinny girls. Big girls can get skinny guys, I see it all the time, but I never see the opposite outside of television... Well, enough of that talk, enjoy a look at the goodies I brought back from Florida in my own Wizarding World of Harry Potter (and Disney) Holiday Haul 2015 video, and I'll get back with you guys very soon. In fact, start looking for the first page of the Moonlight Motel graphic novel here within the next two weeks!


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