Monday, February 1, 2016

Update, Plus a Follow Up to my Wizarding World and Disney Haul Video

Hello, folks! Sorry it's been so quiet here. I know I'm long overdue for my planned graphic novel page postings that were intended to begin the first or second week of January. This was held up a bit when my mother's holiday visit was extended a bit longer due to her becoming ill. Following her recovery, I as usual took a weekend to drive her back home, and now I'm ready to get cracking with the book, albeit a bit late. I should have something up sometime this weekend for realz, but in the meantime, I did manage to record the follow-up video to my previous Wizarding World/Disney World Haul, as promised, to mention some stuff I forgot and to throw in a few extra things as well. So, enjoy, and again, stay tuned here for my graphic novel very, VERY soon! Oh, and if you enjoy the video, please subscribe on YouTube!

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