Tuesday, August 30, 2016

We've been away for a while

Well, hello folks! You probably are wondering where we've been. A lot has been going on, and we're about to see some big changes here at the Moonlight Motel. At least, when it comes to this website (assuming we can get the funds together to renew next month, ha).

When last you heard from us, we made a big announcement that we were going to start posting pages of the first Moonlight Motel graphic novel here on a weekly basis until the whole thing was complete, and instead of posting anything else (like the various articles and stuff we used to do, in addition to irregular new comic strip postings). You also might remember we started dabbling in doing YouTube videos again. Well, that's turned into more of a thing very recently. Monty and I have almost earned a whole four dollars by doing our Youtube videos, and I guess you could say that's spurred us a little. However, we still need to find a good, preferably free editing program that our low memory desktop can handle, and Monty has refused to go in front of the camera since our return to YouTube, doing hands-only videos at most, but I'm gonna keep working on him as far as that's concerned. Maybe we'll eventually get Seymour doing some videos too. In the meantime, it's mostly me, Nathan Lee James, and sometimes my sister too. More on that in a minute though.

As for why things didn't go according to plan last time with the graphic novel progress (it's still gonna happen, but the plan for the site has changed a bit), well, we had to deal with some family issues and events, health issues, and things at my day job took a scary turn I'm still dealing with. In other words, my hours have been cut in half so that I barely make enough for rent anymore, and it's anyone's guess as to how long I'll even have half a job, but I have to go out of town for a week in the fairly near future, and I really don't want to have to explain that in job interviews, so I'm hoping to hold out a little longer. What it comes down to though, is the realization that my cohorts and I really need to focus more on making our various talents into serious forms of income. For example, after I catch up on a few overdue pieces, I really need to start making money on art again, I need to make more and more Youtube videos, and really anything else I can think of, and I also gotta spend more time on the ol' Moonlight Motel. I'm gonna be sprucing things up a bit here, so if you liked any of my old stuff, you might wanna go revisit it now. I might clean out the archives somewhat, maybe even relabel some (don't know yet), and start gearing things towards our new focus: Original comics, art, poetry and YouTube videos.

Yes, I said poetry, but trust me, it's not what you're thinking. I used to do a series of creepy, dark humor poems on DeviantArt that I'm gonna see if I still have somewhere. I'm gonna start sharing them here and making more. These may be in comic strip form, or they may be in some other form, I really don't know. As for the other stuff I mentioned, comics and YouTube videos, we've always had that, but we'll have more YouTube videos than we used to, and hopefully more comics than we used to as well. At some point, we'll get the graphic novel going, and that may interrupt the new comics till it is all done, as previously announced. I don't know yet. The advent of more YouTube videos means probably no more articles. If I do find the time to clean up the archives, it means I might take down or edit some old articles, we'll see. Might take down the Crush of the Week archive. Don't know. We'll see. The general look of the site won't change. I like it. I don't like it when sites change their look or how they work for no reason, ha. The content is what will change. And, hopefully I'll get around to making more, much cooler merchandise for the site as well. Maybe the changes will actually cause some of that stuff to sell, ha ha. 

So, for now, I'm gonna probably start posting some of the YouTube videos we did recently that aren't on this site yet. Maybe some of you haven't seen them. It'll give you an idea of what I'm doing now. Again, the comics will still be coming. I may do some video versions of the comics too, I don't know. If you enjoy the videos, please go to YouTube and subscribe to me. Please click the like button. Also, please leave your comments (especially the positive ones) on the actual video's comment section over on YouTube. That's more helpful to me than commenting on or liking the videos on Facebook or elsewhere. Also, keep in mind that sometimes I make mess-ups or whatever on my videos, like everyone does, in terms of giving a date incorrectly or a name, and I might use the annotations to correct myself, and the thing about that is, I think you can only see the annotations when you're on the YouTube site. I know they don't show when I watch YouTube on TV. So, the BEST way to watch, like, and comment on my videos is on the actual YouTube site, but you can use my postings of the vids here to take you there. Currently, I have been doing Moonlight Movies (my sis and I on our little red couch reviewing blu-rays and DVDs, we've already started on our Halloween phase with that), Moonlight Reviews (just me talking about whatever I just saw in theaters or whatever items I just bought, including Bluray unboxings, toys and other stuff), and Austin by Moonlight (an occasional, more centralized posting, like reviews of local places or events, though these videos are more rare since I don't go out a lot). I also have posted some more random stuff, though from now on, I'll try to stick one of those titles on it if not a new title, and I still hope to bring a version of The Moonlight Movie Show back someday soon featuring Monty as the host. If you don't recall, my first YouTube videos featured Monty doing vlogs and about three episodes of the prototype Moonlight Movie Show. With all the copyright struggles on YouTube these days though, I might do Moonlight Movie Show on its own YouTube Channel (to avoid risking strikes on my own) or just focus on public domain movies with it. I am currently avoiding using copyrighted movie clips in any of my videos for that reason, even those feature-length movie reviews I've been doing with my sis lately, ha.

So, there ya are. Gonna catch up posting YouTube stuff here, then start posting new stuff: comics, art, videos and creepy humor poetry, and probably gonna gradually be cleaning up the archives. New merch coming, so please support by picking something up if you like the new content, or subscribe, like and comment on our YouTube videos. You can find them here: Nathan Lee James on YouTube

That's the news for now, guys! Keep checkin' back here! Gonna post a lot. First, it's gonna be the stuff that's on YouTube already. It's not a ton, so it won't take long. Then, it's gonna be all new stuff! Thanks for stickin' around! And, if you like any of the old merchandise in my Cafepress and Zazzle stores, better get it now. I don't know if I'll take down or change any of it. Gonna have to wait and see. Laters!

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