Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Catching up with what we've been doing on YouTube: Moonlight Reviews

Continuing with our 4-part series of postings to show you guys what we've been doing while the site's been dead for a while, which has mostly been over on YouTube, here's the second of the 4 types of videos we've been making: Moonlight Reviews (and, yep, we're bringing original material back to this site once we're done with these updates). So, in case you haven't subscribed to us on YouTube yet, here are all our Moonlight Review posts, which focus on a variety of things, but mostly toys, Blu-Ray unboxings, and reviews of movies I just saw in theaters. 

Now, I'm gonna start this off with the ones Monty did before I took over, which were called Monty's Toy Box. After it was decided Monty is too clumsy for toy reviews and too furry for food reviews, ha (though we're gonna bring him back once we figure out the new Moonlight Movie Show), I started doing the toy reviews and BluRay unboxings and such myself, along with the first fresh from the theater reviews. We're presenting all that stuff here, except for the lost "Monty's Moonlight Snacks" reviews. Though, Moonlight Snacks still might come back, but as I'm trying to lose some weight and am tight on funds right now, all this stuff will be taking a backseat to Moonlight Movies and the new site stuff. At least until I find a new job and have funds again, ha. But, anyway, here ya go, Monty's Toy Box videos, followed by Moonlight Reviews...

Monty's Notes: This first one, which is what really got the ball rolling, was something of a customization review. I rarely customize my toys. I don't have much knowledge of it yet, plus, while it may greatly improve what you have or give you something totally unavailable, it also makes the item no longer how it was originally intended, which may or may not mean something to your toy collection if and when the item becomes a nostalgia piece. But, whatever, I had just seen Jurassic World, and I wanted something from it, went with a toy of Blue the raptor, but it didn't have a blue stripe like I thought it did in the movie, so I gave customizing a shot, and I think it came out well. I haven't seen that movie since it was in theaters though (holding out till I can buy the 4 film bluray set), so I hope I wasn't hallucinating that blue striping, ha.

Monty's Notes: Next is probably our most popular video so far. I noticed you can still buy those old candy and bubblegum cigarettes I remember from childhood at places like Big Lots, so I bought a bunch and reviewed them. There are a few things I wish I could change about this review. I come off a little prudish about candy cigarettes, even though they're nostalgic for me. Truth is, I don't mind them at all, but I do mind that the whole "smoking is cool" thing still seems to be a thing among new generations, which baffles me, and I can't imagine these would help. Then again, who would buy these for their kids? Ha. Actually, aside from someone like me doing something like this, I can't imagine who buys these at all, but someone does or they wouldn't keep making 'em. Also, I wish I realized while making the video that the powder in the bubblegum cigarettes is meant to be blown out. Someone showed me this briefly after shooting the video. Pretty interesting. It does look a bit like smoke, ha. 

Monty's Notes: This is just a straight up action figure review, as I was so psyched to finally have action figures from the movie Goonies, ha.

Monty's Notes: More Funko fun. I realized that a bunch of the toys I'd gotten into collecting recently were all made by the same company, so I made this video...

Monty's Notes: On a rare occasion, I was able to buy this entire set at once before anyone else had reviewed them all as a group, so I decided to jump on that chance. Now, you can actually buy them all in one package, I think, ha. It's another of my more highly viewed videos.

Nathan's Notes: This is where I took over for Monty, though he will be back (possibly for the movie reviews like this one). This is my review of the recent Ghostbusters remake. It also features my first ever taste of Hi-C Ecto Cooler, which was pretty amazing. A shame it is probably discontinued already. Also, I said the can was green because it was cold. I think now that this is incorrect. Originally, it was said they were going to be color changing cans. I don't think they actually were, ha. My warm cans (I still have one I'm saving) look the same, but I bought this one cold, and it's the first I ever found. Plus, yeah, I did eventually find the Ghostbusters Marshmallow Man Twinkies, which it seems were a Wal-Mart exclusive. You can still find some at Big Lots stores now that they're discontinued though, ha. I don't know how fresh they'd be, but they're well worth trying.

Nathan's Notes: This is my first Blu-Ray unboxing video, the subject being Batman v Superman, which I later reviewed with my sis on the first episode of Moonlight Movies.

Nathan's Notes: My review of Suicide Squad, and my brief word on the NEW Killing Joke controversy, which I still haven't seen yet. 

Nathan's Notes: My first toy review taking over from Monty. This one was for a toy from the new Pete's Dragon movie, including a very awkward unboxing, ha. I found out why toy reviewers usually do that off camera. I also refer to Elliot as Pete at least once. Weird how they spell Elliot differently for the new one. Though I've seen them accidentally use this spelling in new merchandise for the old one. At least, I'm pretty sure the old one is officially Elliott. Sorry, I go off on tangents easily.

Nathan's Notes: And here is my review for that new Pete's Dragon, which I went to see right after reviewing the toy.

Nathan's Notes: And my review for Sausage Party, which I saw right after Pete's Dragon. It was a long night, ha. I actually didn't do this review till a day and a half later.

Nathan's Notes: Finally, to catch ya all up on these, my unboxing of the new Limited Edition Sailor Moon Crystal Blu-Ray set. Unfortunately, I uploaded it via my phone and did not checkmark HD, so the quality ended up pretty bad. It still is one of my most popular videos, but since it's about showing off merchandise, it sucks that I screwed that up. I've thought about reposting it, but as it's been out for a while now, it seems a bit irrelevant. People seem to be enjoying this one anyway. Maybe I still will repost it in HD later. Not sure how much better that will look. 

And that's that, gang. I have two more posts like this to do, one on Austin by Moonlight and one on my more random videos. Heck, maybe I'll combine them into one post since I don't think they add up to very many on their own. After that, we'll get started with the all new stuff! In the meantime, please go to YouTube and subscribe! Click on Like and leave comments too! Thanks a bunch! Talk to ya later!

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