Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Catching up with what we've been doing on YouTube: Moonlight Movies

Last time, I mentioned to you guys that I'd be sharing with you the YouTube videos we made while we were away from the site. From now on, we'll try to keep up with sharing them here, but for now, here's a bit of what you've missed if you don't subscribe to our YouTube channel. 

Now, I did mention we have been posting 4 types of videos on our YouTube channel. These are Moonlight Reviews (new toys, DVD unboxings, movies I just saw in theaters, etc...), Moonlight Movies (our main show, which is my sister and I talking about the latest movie we watched together, thoroughly and full of spoilers), Austin by Moonlight (a rarer type of video dealing with more local experiences), and finally, just the occasional randomness, though for the most part, I'll be trying to keep things under the first three titles from now on. As for our original thing, the Moonlight Movie Show, starring Monty Moonlight, we're still working out how we're going to bring that back. We like the title too much too let it go completely, and I do want Monty back onscreen, and hopefully Seymour. We also kicked off our YouTube comeback with a few videos Monty did called, "Monty's Toy Box" and "Monty's Moonlight Snacks". I think we took down the Moonlight Snacks vids, as they weren't getting any views anyway, and we found that Monty's clumsy claws weren't up to par for thoroughly showing off new toy unboxings, so I took that over with the Moonlight Reviews. The latter are still available though, and I'll share them on one of these posts too, even though I might have shared some of them already.

In this post though, I think I'll start with our main show, Moonlight Movies. As I said, this is my younger sister, Ashley (I do have an older sis as well), and I on our little red couch reviewing the latest movie we viewed (a preselected movie, of course) in a completely full-on spoiler alert zone. So, be wary of that if you watch these. We've done three so far. Our first attempt was with the Blu-Ray release of Batman v. Superman. Ha, I look like I pushed Tim Allen off a roof in this one. Honk if you get that. Here's the vid:

Now, in our second review, I started including opening art cards to make the whole thing look more professional. It's something a lot of YouTube reviewers do, and since I can make my own, might as well. It was also the start of our Halloween season reviews. It was posted in late August, but for us, that's time to get ready for Halloween, as we discuss. Our second Moonlight Movies episode also happened to be a double feature (and it's quite a long sit, ha), Waxwork and Waxwork II, a pair of horror flicks starring Gremlins' Zach Galligan, the first being an 80's classic, at least to its fans, ha. 

Finally, our most recent episode, and the most recent video I've posted as I write this (it actually went up yesterday), also served as our goodbye to screen legend Gene Wilder. We took a look at Young Frankenstein, a film most everyone knows is great, but we sometimes will be talking about stuff like that anyway. I mean, there ARE people who have never seen it. I think. 

And that catches you up with Moonlight Movies, anyway. I'll do more posts to catch you up with the other types of videos we've been running too, and then I'll get into the new material for this site and really start organizing things around here in the archives and stuff. Now, if you watch these videos and like them, please remember to like and subscribe, and also to comment. You'll have to go over to YouTube for all that, so please do. I think you can get there by clicking the YouTube logo on the video. Give it a try!

Okay, that's it for now, guys. Only three episodes of Moonlight Movies so far, but I think the other video category posts will be longer, at least in some cases. Remember, new material is coming soon too, so don't forget to come back often to see what's going on!

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