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Here's where we keep the Moonlight Motel comic strips. Strips that appeared since 2007 (and earlier) in the pages of Magazine X, a publication from the Rio Grande Valley area of South Texas, as well as on websites such as,, MySpace, YouTube, and now, this one. As we post new strips on this site, occasionally, we will post classic M.M. strips too (until we run out, which may have happened by now). After their time on the front page, both new and old strips will be retired into the gallery below. The strips on top are the newest ones, getting older as you go down. Take note of one of my favorite Moonlight Motel strips ever, the October 2009 Halloween strip (in which Monty is dressed as Charlie Brown). And, if you are new to Moonlight Motel, read the description and history beneath the gallery below.


Moonlight Motel started out as a monthly strip, both online and in the pages of South Texas publication Magazine X. It focuses on the antics of disinterested, slacker, werewolf motel manager Monty Moonlight and his staff of weirdos, Russell Scarecrow the groundskeeper, Roberto "Fish" Gillman the lifeguard, Seymour the bellhop, Guy the maintenance man, Maleva the head of the kitchen and housekeeping staff, Chef Jean the cook, Candy the maid, Wednesday the cat, and Stokes the security guard. Oh, and mustn't forget creepy Liz Bathory, who runs the Starlight Hotel across the highway. Originally, the setting was in the middle of Nowhere, TX. However, the setting was eventually rewritten to be just on the edge of Austin, TX, the state capital, coinciding with my own relocation.

The strip was actually born from the combination of two older strips by Nathan Lee James, one entitled The Sweet Life, the proverbial comic strip about the cartoonist and his friends, and a single panel strip called Wagner (Werewolf) that appeared on a website called, about a hard luck werewolf not unlike Monty but with less sass and a different look. Another contributing factor was the concept of a late show horror host that was the original plan for Monty (before the idea of him being a lead comic character). This is where The Moonlight Movie Show comes in, something realized years after the Moonlight Motel comic strip, but what the character of Monty was originally intended for. Though The Moonlight Movie Show has only appeared in a test phase so far (on YouTube) as yet another internet movie review show, it is our hope to bring the show back sometime next year with the horror host/movie show format it was originally intended to have.

An original graphic novel, Moonlight Motel: The First Halloween, has been in developmental stages for some time and intends to tell the story of how Monty Moonlight came to be the manager of the Moonlight Motel for his wealthy uncle, Morty Moonlight, another werewolf character who we like to imagine as played by comedian Ron White should a Moonlight Motel movie ever be made. Watch for updates about this graphic novel's progress as well as the Moonlight Movie Show's here on this site.