The Moonlight Movie Show


The Moonlight Movie Show was originally conceived as a late-night, mostly (but not exclusively) horror movie show with Monty Moonlight as the host, sort of in the style of the old, local horror host shows probably made most widely famous by Elvira's Movie Macabre. However, when the show finally came into being via a testing phase on YouTube sometime in 2010, it initially started as a movie review show in the vein of The Nostalgia Critic. The final examples of this first, experimental version of The Moonlight Movie Show remained on YouTube for quite some time, but in light of difficulties with a shoddy editing program and personal issues that came about later that year, The Moonlight Movie Show has been on a hiatus since its 2010 Christmas episode. The show is planned to be brought back though, right here and hopefully in the very near future, but this time with the originally planned midnight movie format. Keep checking back here for updates! Below is the original, uncut opening to the old version of The Moonlight Movie Show. It was later shortened and recut a bit for the actual program. Below it, just some fun pictures.